absentee ballots

Absentee ballots arriving- as well as….

I got my absentee ballot today. Lots to fill out on the outside of the envelope- lots of places where the Board of Elections can start asking questions. Didn’t check this box- fill this in right- we’ll toss it. I’ll be extra careful- in fact, I’ll make a video of the process for people to Read More

Special rules for a special primary- still make no sense

I’m a big believer in vote by mail. Oregon has done it for years. And now, as a “cost saving” measure the OH-3 special primary for the Democrats’ nomination for Congress is going to be held in 3 of our 4 gerrymandered counties as a vote-by-mail clusterduck. Unless they vote absentee by mail, most Montgomery Read More

Postage rates for absentee ballots causing problems- and a solution

In yet another twist of Ohio’s ballot mess, we are sending out absentee ballots without having the postage paid. Mind you, it’s not a problem for Congressman Mike Turner to frank his campaign literature (I mean congressional communications) and have us foot the bill. Now, we’re sending ballots out- without a clear indication of how Read More