Has perfecting the weapons of war made war obsolete and terrorism the only option?

Throughout history, with each new war-fighting technology the inventors thought they had created the ultimate deterrent to war. From the catapult, to the machine-gun to mustard gas to nuclear bombs and ICBMs the idea that if you build the ultimate weapon, war as we know it will end, because who would be stupid enough to Read More

The terrorists we shouldn’t fear and the ones we should

This just in- our government is more concerned about bombs in underwear than anything really important- like your job, your mortgage being underwater, your credit card rates being jacked, your health care costs skyrocketing- but some clown, who shouldn’t have been on the plane in the first place- and we now have this: All travelers Read More

It’s September 11, do you know where your freedoms went?

The last 2 years I’ve reposted the letter I sent out via e-mail to all my friends on September 11, 2001. It made the rounds, ending up in the DDN under someone else’s name. I also mentioned it the day that the US death toll in Iraq surpassed the number of dead on Sept 11. Read More