IRG Vultures at work at Dayton Airport

Over the weekend, IRG stripped out the five diesel back-up generators at the former UPS/Emery Air Freight building at Dayton International Airport. Each of these kilowatt generators new were about $1 million. None had much use on them. On the used market, IRG probably cleared close to $3 million- right to their pockets. They also Read More

The TSA and a visitor’s observations of Dayton

You never know who is going to answer the call to “guest star” on the Dayton Grassroots Daily Show. Today, we present Tim Young, a standup comedian from Baltimore who is dating a lovely Daytonian. We talk about the TSA and their full body scanners (Baltimore has 4 of the x-ray vision devices) the terrorist Read More

The terrorists we shouldn’t fear and the ones we should

This just in- our government is more concerned about bombs in underwear than anything really important- like your job, your mortgage being underwater, your credit card rates being jacked, your health care costs skyrocketing- but some clown, who shouldn’t have been on the plane in the first place- and we now have this: All travelers Read More

Would someone please return the US Constitution, we seem to have lost it.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that new Federal policy allows the US Constitution to be ignored- you know the minor bit about unreasonable search and seizure. It would seem to me, that we should now disband our military, stop spending billions per fighter jet and just let China take over, in the way we’ve taken Read More

Barack Obama owes me a pen knife, and owes you one too.

If there is one Bush legacy that I hope can leave the USA in January, it’s our State of Fear. In fact, when I went to hear Senator Obama at the Nutter Center back in February, he talked about not being afraid anymore. This was after the TSA took my little Swiss Army pen knife Read More