Osama Bin Laden

Has perfecting the weapons of war made war obsolete and terrorism the only option?

Throughout history, with each new war-fighting technology the inventors thought they had created the ultimate deterrent to war. From the catapult, to the machine-gun to mustard gas to nuclear bombs and ICBMs the idea that if you build the ultimate weapon, war as we know it will end, because who would be stupid enough to Read More

Our money hasn’t disappeared by accident

When JP Morgan Chase says oops, we lost $2 billion, or maybe three, and it’s no big deal to the world at large, you have to start wondering how desensitized we’ve become to common sense. Losing $2 billion is a very big deal to most of us, most of us think that losing $100,000 in Read More

Joe Stack- harbinger of the revolution?

In case the name Joe Stack doesn’t ring a bell, read about his kamikaze attack on the IRS building in Austin. And while some will say he’s deranged and others will question whether this could be counted as “domestic terrorism” – I’m inclined to believe that in the modern age of instantaneous journalism and a Read More

It’s September 11, do you know where your freedoms went?

The last 2 years I’ve reposted the letter I sent out via e-mail to all my friends on September 11, 2001. It made the rounds, ending up in the DDN under someone else’s name. I also mentioned it the day that the US death toll in Iraq surpassed the number of dead on Sept 11. Read More

Would someone please return the US Constitution, we seem to have lost it.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that new Federal policy allows the US Constitution to be ignored- you know the minor bit about unreasonable search and seizure. It would seem to me, that we should now disband our military, stop spending billions per fighter jet and just let China take over, in the way we’ve taken Read More