The terrorists we shouldn’t fear and the ones we should

This just in- our government is more concerned about bombs in underwear than anything really important- like your job, your mortgage being underwater, your credit card rates being jacked, your health care costs skyrocketing- but some clown, who shouldn’t have been on the plane in the first place- and we now have this:

All travelers flying into the U.S. from foreign countries will receive tightened random screening, and 100 percent of passengers from 14 terrorism-prone countries will be patted down and have their carry-ons searched, the Obama administration was notifying airlines on Sunday.

via U.S. tightens international air security – Mike Allen –

I’d say we’re going to have more problems with domestic terrorism as more people lose their jobs, their homes, the American dream. The real terrorists aren’t wearing bombs in their diapers- they are wearing suits and collecting millions in un-earned compensation each year.

Why do we need the largest military in the world- when 19 idiots can bring down our entire way of life with 4 of our commercial airliners and a little bit of spending cash?

It’s time to stop this stupidity- and look to start closing the gap between rich and poor- before the inevitable happens (study history).

I hate to say it- but, no matter how tight security gets on airplanes- even if we make everyone fly naked, there is still a way to blow planes out of the sky. Let’s concentrate on making the world a safer place by stopping the pillaging of the planet and the poor- for the sake of the new emperors of the earth.

And I’m sure this post will go over big with my regulars.

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