Some thoughts on the Sinclair Levy, issue 39

Today, while campaigning for Obama, I ran into a woman who works at Sinclair- after attending retraining there after she got laid off from Delco.

She was a $8 hr hire at Delco, with limited benefits. When she was laid off- she was eligible for 2 years of unemployment and retraining at Sinclair as long as she stayed in the program. So after not being in school for 35 years (she was 60) she took courses to get a new career. She was worried about her chances of getting a job due to her age- but was assured by Sinclair it wouldn’t be an issue. She made Dean’s list 6 of 8 quarters. Upon graduation- the only people who would hire her: Sinclair.

The offer: $10 an hour, no benefits, max of 32 hours a week when school is in session, usually only 12 hrs a week when school is on break. Wow, that’s a great employer.

She also shared that 80% of Sinclair’s staff is part time. Are those the kinds of jobs that people want and need to survive? I understand the number of adjunct faculty without benefits, but I’m sure the maintenance, security, administrative etc. people that Sinclair hires would prefer to have full-time jobs with benefits.

She wasn’t going to vote for the levy, even though she works there. She knows about the Warren county boondoggle, the $120 million in the bank and the fact that Sinclair is debt free. Maybe Dr. Johnson should make sure he’s providing jobs for his own employees to be able to afford the levy, before he goes and asks for an increase from all of us.

Last I checked, Dr. Johnson makes more than the Governor of the State of Ohio. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t understand that now is not the time to ask for a renewal plus an increase from taxpayers who are barely making it. As much as I hate to do this- I can’t support Sinclair’s levy- not until they pass one in Warren County first or withdraw from Warren County.

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I will not vote for this levy. In almost all the advertisement there is no place tell how much is being asked for. Why are there facts hidden. All the TV adds show nothing and most of the newspaer show nothing. It seem to me that you are hiding the facts.
That is not fare to the people who will have to pay.


I am sad to read such an article. You are so uninformed and unfortunately your so-called person who works at Sinclair is uninformed also. Warren county draws NO money from the Sinclair Campus in Montgomery county at all. NONE. This is against state regulations. It is Sinclair’s responsibility to service Warren County, so established by the State of Ohio.

It is this kind of misinformation that cause people to make bad decisions.

David Esrati
David Esrati

It is impossible to open a branch campus in Warren County without taking time and resources away from the main campus. How do I know this? Well, in running for Congress I’ve had to take time away from my business.
Are you also saying I’m uninformed when I mention that Sinclair is the only debt free institution of higher learning in the State and that they have millions in the bank?
Pass a levy in Warren County first. Then provide service. Then ask me for a raise.
Right now, a lot of people in Montgomery County are losing their homes, facing bigger tax bills, and still have school levies to pass. A renewal I would have voted for- the increase was just a bit much right now.
Time to learn to live on a budget like the rest of us until the economy turns.
Sorry Michael.


They never tell you how much shit costs – and it will pass


Sinclair may have millions in the bank but how they spend that money and what they spend it on is controlled by regulations. They can only use certain amounts of money for certain things like money for buildings can only be used for buildings.

kyle douglas little
kyle douglas little

All I have to say is that its good to see that a person that is running for congress is so concerned about the affordability of a decent education and that without Sinclair I would still be flipping hamburgers for a living @ 7/hr. Oh and as for your little speech about the number of foreclosed homes in Ohio, the majority of these people can’t make their mortgage payments because their other bills are so high, like gasoline, why don’t you try to fix that. Oh I forgot, that is out of your hands. What will you do for us congressman that others have not in the past. Will you stimulate the economy in Ohio, or will you give us false hopes and once elected forget those that supported you and leave them in the dust. Also, I would care to know where you went to school at and how you afforded it. Its not any easy task. Times are tough these days, but we cannot go around pointing fingers. We need to not worry about who to blame and fix the problem. Too many people focus on who did the wrong and not about correcting it and moving on to the next issue. The moral of my ranting: Try finding the correct problem before you start bashing the wrong people.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Kyle,
I put out quite a bit of information on how to solve the financial crisis: look here:
I think you need to investigate this site a little more to understand your ideas of “false hopes” and my integrity.
I went to Wright State. I had put money away while in the Army, but when I was injured, I qualified for a program called Chapter 31- which is a retraining program, it paid for college. I also worked full time while in school.
I considered it an honor to have my name on the ballot- I was running to continue to serve my country- and the people of the 3rd district.
I hope you continue to come back to this site, and stay involved in the conversation.
It’s my objective to return government to the people, instead of the PACs, Special Interests and Corporate lobbyists.