The Sinclair Daily News- strikes again

In case you’re wondering, why there hasn’t been as much on you might want to wander over to Keep Sinclair Fair- and read the reasoning to vote NO on Issue 13- at least until Sinclair either stops operating outside Montgomery County- where we’ve paid handsomely for 49 years – or, Sinclair passes levies in Warren, Preble and Greene counties- and starts acting like a true regional player.

Today, the Dayton Daily news published our short letter to the editor. Right next to a longer anti-pot piece by Bob and Hope Taft. Originally, they’d said they’d let us have 650 words- which we carefully crafted. Their reasoning for not publishing the original and the full letter, follow today’s letter. Note, they had no problem using much of our research in their really long article last Sunday.

Source: The Letter to the Editor- and the one the Dayton Daily wouldn’t  publish | Keep Sinclair Fair

Today, Dr. Steve Johnson was talking to students, trying to get them to vote to continue subsidizing his grand taxation plan, when an reader asked why Warren County wasn’t taxed.

He tried the same tired line of B.S. about the $50 more a credit hour. Read our site to why this simply isn’t true.

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