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One has to wonder why this isn’t law already?

Columbus- A powerful Republican state lawmaker wants to stop the wink-and-a-nudge practice of county officials soliciting campaign contributions from their employees.

House Minority Leader Bill Batchelder, a Medina Republican, will introduce a measure today that would ban all county elected officials from receiving contributions from employees.

via Bill to bar officials’ soliciting of workers for campaign gifts –

To go along with it- I still think it should be illegal for the auditor to slap his name on every gas pump, scale etc- at taxpayer expense. Free political name recognition with no chance for equal time. I’ve also questioned why taxpayers have to pay to change the signs in every rest area that have pictures of our Governor etc.

But, even closer to the local political power structure- let’s talk about patronage jobs. We’re supposed to have some sort of civil service exams. Yet, the county building is full of “friends” of elected officials.

This is where Dayton City Commissioners Matt Joseph and Nan Whaley got their start. You work hard on my campaign, you get a nice job, until we can hook you up with a seat of your own.

The funny thing is, you can’t take out a petition to run for the Dayton City Commission without resigning your job, but you can work in the County building up until the day you’re sworn in.

At some point, we need to separate the professionals from the politicians.

At least, now maybe soon, the boss can’t be leaning on government workers for political payoffs or support.

I know one more reason Rashad Young went to Greensboro- so he wouldn’t have to pick up  Mayor McLin’s lunch tab at least once a week (And one more note- to servers in Greensboro, word is he’s a lousy tipper). Don’t kid yourself, this is how things have always been done in Dayton.

Maybe with new State legislation we can see a reduction in this tomfoolery.

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