Making election law as they go along

As someone who has filed to run for office a whole bunch of times, I can tell you there is chapter and verse on every possible way to keep a candidate off the ballot. We’ve even had people rejected for the type of paper they used for their petitions. So, when the Ohio House and Read More

Who really benefits from expensive primary elections?

The petition process is flawed, as is the system of electing our City Commission. We’re supposed to have a “non-partisan” election- which means without political party interference, but the body that oversees the process (the Montgomery County Board of Elections) is controlled by the two political parties. For a good look at the primary system Read More

Last thoughts before election day.

While it’s wonderful that our vote in Ohio still matters (it hasn’t in past primaries), and that we have 2 real choices on the Democratic side for President (my preference is Barack Obama), I’m a bit dismayed at how the congressional primary has been all but ignored. No debates. Very few, poorly attended voter forums, Read More

If you are a GOTV expert- Obama needs you more than the Montgomery County Party does

If you are a serious Dem and already a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) specialist- in this primary, it’s critical that you sign-up on the Obama site – instead of working your normal shift with the County. Sign up at They are targeting surefire Obama supporters to make sure this doesn’t come down to Read More

Montgomery County Democratic Party finally rebuilds site

In the better late than never, they had to finally address the fact that they had the 2006 candidates listed- and no RSS. Must have hired someone competent- finally. I offered to rebuild the site for them and teach them how to do this in 2006. and while it’s still under construction, the inside is Read More

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