Last thoughts before election day.

While it’s wonderful that our vote in Ohio still matters (it hasn’t in past primaries), and that we have 2 real choices on the Democratic side for President (my preference is Barack Obama), I’m a bit dismayed at how the congressional primary has been all but ignored.

No debates. Very few, poorly attended voter forums, and only a smattering of newspaper coverage. If you wanted information you almost had to turn to the candidates websites- and of those, I believe this was the only one that had regularly updated content.

Go look: Jane Mitakides and Charles Sanders : 
Then look here- either by scrolling down, or picking topics from the Categories on the right hand sidebar, or doing a simple search for information that you feel is important to base your decision. Then try finding real positions on their sites.

Typically, a congressional campaign is a years in the making, before the filing deadline. All three candidates weren’t prepared, myself included. However, I had three years of content and ideas on my site to build a base from. The others- well, Charles had a two year old site, and Jane, well, it took her a month just to get a holding page up.

In this short time, I’ve produced 5 videos for Youtube and aired one on TV and cable.

I’ve produced postcards and done a limited mailing, bumper stickers and buttons, and worked like crazy to be at events and hand out the cards. I’ve also knocked on a lot of doors. I’ve raised a bit of money- all from people like you. Jane has taken PAC money and loaned herself $50K.

For those of you who know what RSS is– and have followed the regular posts, I think we’ve built a pretty good relationship/community. To me, the idea of having a Congressman that posts daily would be huge step forward in connecting the House of Representatives with your house. If every politician did this, there would be no more of that “I voted for it, before I voted against it” bs. It’d all be online for all to see.

There have also been a few things I’ve exposed that I am quite proud of- all before the Dayton Daily News figured them out:

  • The whole Turner Effect/slush fund donation work around. I first asked the question in July of 07. I was the first to point out that Lori Turner had done work for a PAC, has a GSA schedule, and uncovered the government money passed through the Dayton Development coalition.
  • Although it hasn’t hit the news yet, the Q-Base donation scandal got it’s start here.  12 employees all giving to one candidate, all within a short period of time. Considering that Q-base is a federal contractor, there are problems here.
  • Most significantly,  I posted the membership of the Montgomery County Democratic Party Screening Committee. This is the secret society that picks candidates behind closed doors and tries to limit ballot choice. A prime example is their choice to endorse Roland Winburn over another fine candidate, Lt. Col. Victor Harris, US Army Ret. for the OH-40, a district that is guaranteed to go democrat- no matter who runs. It’s always been my goal to force government into the open- this fight isn’t over yet, but, when Harris (who got the Dayton Daily News endorsement) wins, it may be the beginning of a movement to stop the party from endorsing in primaries. Note, in the congressional race for OH-3 Highland, Clinton and Warren County Dem parties didn’t and wouldn’t endorse.

It is my goal to prove that it doesn’t have to take a million dollars to win a congressional campaign. If enough voters heard my message, and prefer honesty to political jargon, I’ll be facing Mike Turner in the fall- a task I relish.

We were at the 2nd Street Public market on Saturday with a booth. I had three banners up- one got all the attention: “If Karma exists, Mike Turner is in big trouble.”

For now, there is nothing more I can do, the choice is in your able hands. If you believe in the power of Grassroots, tell all your friends who you plan on voting for, and we’ll see what happens.

Don’t forget the Guaranteed winners party: Tuesday Mar 4, 2008 South Park Tavern where we will watch the election results and raise money for Daybreak. It’s either the end of the line for this candidates campaign, or it’s the big kickoff – but, either way, we’ll do something good for a good charity and make this whole thing worth it.


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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Good Luck David ;)

Mike Bock

Nice idea about raising money for Daybreak at your “guaranteed winners party.” I appreciate the efforts you’ve made in this campaign. I’m voting for you, David. Good luck.


Best of luck, David!! I know you don’t drink, but I’m buying you a beer tomorrow night at the fundraiser anyway!! :)


I think you’ve got something there with having constant blog contact. I think someone that’s supposed to represent citizens in the national government may actually need to talk to them. Best of Luck Tues.

Btw, that speech on Sat, you should post a transcript.


Good Luck Dave….you ran a really creative campaign!

David Esrati
David Esrati

The voice recorder battery was dead. No recording. No transcript.
If only we’d had proper coverage of the primary- and a debate.
Such is life.
Hope you all make it to the party Tuesday night for Daybreak.


I’m casting two votes tomorrow that I believe can really make a difference for this country. One of them is for you. Good luck, Esrati.


Best wishes tomorrow, David. I definitely think you’re the person for the job. Good luck.


You have my vote! Good Luck.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

You’re my hero.
It was an honor to vote for you this morning.


Best of luck of David. You have two votes from the Jim Crotty household.

“Oh, how utterly shameful ! He’s embarrassing us again ! Harumph. Harumph.”


Hope today goes your way!



To paraphrase IITimothy 4:7 – You have fought a good fight, you have kept the faith:?

The faith that, if you hold fast to your convictions (not accepting PAC money) the voters will respect that and vote for you today. What more could we or should we expect from a candidate running for public office? How about Honesty! And that’s exactly what you have given us. In pages and in posts, in YouTube videos and personal appearances, you gave us the good and the bad. Thank You for not being a ‘Sweeper’ (of things under the rug) or a ‘Sugar-Coater’ or a ‘Say Alot Without Really Saying Anything At All’ kind of candidate; Thank You for giving it to us straight, we’re big kids and we should be able to handle it.
Good Luck today!! Needless to say, you have my vote. And I look forward to working with you against MT.

You have my sincere apologies for not getting ‘Dear Son’ completely recorded for this primary, but you’ll have it for the upcoming battle.


oops! I guess I didn’t proofread well enough. The paraphrase from II Timothy was suppose to be a statement, not a question. How’d that pesky question mark get in there?? I suppose it was so I could wish you Good Luck again and say God Bless You!!


Nice post, Jim.

Hey… David didn’t get a “Harumph” out of some of you…

Christmas in March
Christmas in March

I had some vague knowledge that there was some congressional voting going on today, as I had seen a commercial for Sanders the other day. Hmm, maybe there was something stuffed in between all that mail Hilary sent me for Jane, but I’ve been shredding without reading. Bottomline, I have never been so happy to see a name on a ballot as when I saw yours! Finally, someone running who has the wherewithall and intellgence to be a postive force for change instead of pimping this area out for their own personal gain.

I just wish that all of my friends and relatives that have moved out of this area and this state in the last decade could have been here to vote for you too.


Well, Dave, its done. I wont be at the party but I will raise a glass here at home to a fight well fought.

Taryn G

I just got back from the polls.. You have my vote!! I told everyone that was voting to vote for you. :)



10% at 10:00p.m. according to the Dayton Daily News – 310 total votes – and YES, even I was one of them. I just don’t get it – EVERYONE I spoke to never heard of any of the candidates so you would think a little more love would come your way but….. but I guess they just don’t get it. Better Luck next time, if there is a next time.

BTW – you need more money so get to the special interest groups and speak in front of large “bought” crowds! :)