Making election law as they go along

As someone who has filed to run for office a whole bunch of times, I can tell you there is chapter and verse on every possible way to keep a candidate off the ballot. We’ve even had people rejected for the type of paper they used for their petitions. So, when the Ohio House and Read More

Dead sign petitions without prosecutions

In an opinion piece in the Dayton Daily we find this gem: Montgomery County’s Steven Harsman does acknowledge that the names of dead people have shown up on petitions gathered to get candidates and issues on the ballot. But, he says, “They get deleted, because their signatures don’t match” the signatures on their registration forms. Read More

The many legal opinions of the City of Dayton on petitions

Without doing the in-depth legal analysis of where the City is not only wrong- but dead wrong in its adherence to the Charter, I’m providing you with a PDF including 6 different opinions on the issues of ballot access. It’s funny- that somethings have to be filled out just right- somethings require “substantial compliance” and Read More

People of Dayton: You deserve better

Why do I do it? That’s the question that the armchair quarterbacks that run this city like to ask me. The editors at the Dayton Daily News, the politicians, the political junkies, the community leaders. Why, if you’ve been defeated time and time again, would you go back for more? The people don’t want what Read More

Could Dayton have a legal problem with its petitions and process?

If there is one thing I’ve learned about the petition process over the years- it’s all in the interpretation of the rules, as decided by the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State. However, the Dayton City Charter makes its own provisions for the process, written in 1913 and amended multiple times. But, when Read More

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