Signatures certified

I was informed today that my signatures checked out, and now we have to wait for the Board of Elections to certify the candidates at their January 10th Meeting.

I’ve also heard that Dr. Mark MacNealy has decided not to enter the race. Deadline is Friday, so we’ll see who else enters.

At this point Democratic candidates for the Congressional seat for OH-3 are Jane Mitakides, Charles Sanders, and me, David Esrati (you’re where you need to be to find out about me).

One of us will be facing Republican incumbent, Michael R. Turner in November. There is also a possibility for third party and independent candidates to file before March, however the number of signatures required is significantly higher.

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Chuck Watts

I am the precinct representative for my Union North Precinct, Clinton County, OH, and plan on doing two mailings between now and March 4th and would like your short campaign message to post on my website and to use in my mailing to get out the vote. Please check out my contact information at my website, Thanks and good luck.

Chuck Watts – David, Please comment on your support or non-support of the policy directions outlined on this link. You can comment at the link. Thanks.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thanks Chuck.
Second item accomplished. The “soundbite” statement hasn’t been crafted yet.
I’m not exactly a soundbite candidate…