Why you should sign my petition

We live in a supposed democracy. Except- when the cost of running becomes too high- we start to get people beholden to their supporters- or some other organization that is backing them.

It doesn’t matter who gets on the ballot- what matters is that you have a choice. No choice- why bother even holding elections.That’s why I’m circulating Mark Manovich’s petitions along with my own today. It’s important to have primaries- and have a choice.

Dayton City Commission elections are set up to keep people off the ballot. Besides having the required number of signatures being 10x that to run for Congress- the partisan Board of Elections does everything they can to disqualify signatures.

When I come to your door- or one of my supporters, it’s so you can have a choice- even if it is to vote against me.

So sign- or you may as well just give up your right to vote- because, in this town- the candidates are still chosen in a back room without your input anyway.

To the lady who told me she was supporting “who we have”- I asked her to name one piece of legislation that Matt Joseph had introduced in 7 years. She came up with him going on a junket to commemorate the Bosnian Peace Accords signing- that’s not legislation.

Go look at his website- I’m sure you’ll get a feel for his deep thinking: http://www.mattjoseph.com/

I can’t find a site for Lovelace.


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