Open Meeting laws

You’re invited! The Sunshine Laws Smackdown event. FREE! Tuesday Mar 5, 2019

The Dayton Public Schools had a committee hold an illegal secret meeting to decide what schools to close. I filed a lawsuit to hold them accountable to the Sunshine laws. It got dismissed by Judge Richard Skelton on really stupid grounds: He said I failed to prove they deliberated in a meeting I wasn’t allowed Read More

Ohio to privatize development- our tax dollars as handouts.

I’m still not sure why government is in the “economic development” business- instead of working on perfecting the “business of government.” But our new governor, John Kasich, apparently thinks that turning our tax dollars over to a private entity to “invest” is a good idea. I think it’s illegal. Tax dollars are for public welfare Read More

City Commission wants to raise your taxes as an Emergency!

It’s nice when the Mayor sends you a note to tell you that the Commission Clerk is now doing their job- by posting a 161 page PDF to support the commission meeting this week. You can look for the minutes for Feb 17th- at this link: Meeting Agendas & Minutes via Meeting Agendas & Minutes. Read More