Politicians against tax simplification: only in Ohio

When it comes to designing interfaces for software or websites, there is a simple test to see if you are doing things right: If it needs explanation to the user on how it works- it’s probably not optimal. If there are penalties extended for doing it wrong- then you have even more reason to go Read More

Board of Elections only open for monkey business- not for voting

It’s easy to understand why the Board of Elections can’t find any money to stay open late for early voters who prefer to vote in person, they blew our tax dollars on overtime for salaried managers and on bonuses to friends and family (for longevity and “performance”). To top if off, there isn’t an ethical Read More

Improving Ohio’s business user interface

Ohio spends millions of dollars trying to “create jobs” and “attract business” to our state. Then we spend millions of dollars persecuting those very same companies because our bureaucrats don’t know how to build an efficient system with a smart user interface to collect fees and taxes. Overly complex systems, spread out over multiple divisions Read More

Is that a gun on your belt, or are you just happy to see me?

While Ohio just recently made it legal to carry a concealed weapon with permit, what many people don’t realize is that if you just strap it on in the open- it’s legal. Do you feel safer already? And although I know a few people who have a CCW permit, and have been around my share Read More

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