Ohio Secretary of State

International Man of Mystery: Adil Baguirov

Adil Baguirov lead the Dayton Public School Board and pushed through several shady deals. He didn’t even live in the district. Thanks to Esrati’s reporting, he was exposed and forced to resign before he could pillage more taxpayer funds.

Montgomery County Board of Elections outed again by Elections Workers

The heat on the Montgomery County Board of (S)Elections continues from the “Concerned Election Workers of Montgomery County Ohio” in a second mailing. This letter begins by asking how Director Steve Harsman managed to get the media to try to investigate the whistle blowers instead of responding properly to the allegations. Our “elected officials” promptly Read More

Let’s all use Husted logic in the next election

I’ve heard it a million times, I work in the city, I pay city taxes, yet I have no say in what goes on because I don’t live in the city. Well, for those of you who own property within the city, with paid utilities, there is great news, you can now use the “Husted Read More