Montgomery County Board of Elections outed again by Elections Workers

The heat on the Montgomery County Board of (S)Elections continues from the “Concerned Election Workers of Montgomery County Ohio” in a second mailing.
This letter begins by asking how Director Steve Harsman managed to get the media to try to investigate the whistle blowers instead of responding properly to the allegations. Our “elected officials” promptly tasked the Sheriff to find the whistle blowers so as not to disturb the corrupt little club in the basement of the County Building where they find jobs for convicted rapists who are family members.

The second two allegations- that the Board’s failure with 8 provisional ballots prevented a Kettering business from getting a liquor permit in 2006 followed by allegations that Harsman and Deputy Director Betty Smith have been paying themselves outlandish amounts of overtime (almost $70K between the two of them in 2010) merit further investigation.

That Smith and Harsman’s base salary starts out at double what other board of elections directors make should be the first question, followed by the outlandish overtime.

The document is a real eye-opener: Montgomery County Board of Elections Outed 2 letter PDF Please download, read and distribute.

Although I received this today, typically this group also mails to every other BOE in the state, the secretary of state and media outlets. Harsman was also hot on the case last time to see the address labels, thinking that some of them were actually generated in the Board of Elections and “stolen.”

What is clear is that some honest people who have worked under these two have had enough of the undemocratic ways of our “guardians” of the (s)election process and are going to continue to dig up dirt until a proper investigation by an impartial and honest investigating agency takes place.

Why one hasn’t been invited in yet is a mystery- other than the people in power, want to stay in power instead of in jail.

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