OH-3 Congressional race

An apology and a poor choice of words: Union + crybabies

I didn’t record my interview with Lynn Hulsey and neither did she. If I did or didn’t say it- it doesn’t matter, it’s in the paper- so it must be true. “Crybaby” is a strong term- and applying it to the hard working people in Dayton’s proud union shops is in no way how I Read More

South Dayton Dems get to hear the difference between substance and style

Just got back from speaking at the South Dayton Democrats meeting. Judy Dodge was there to speak about Sinclair’s issue 39 (and didn’t have the answers on why our community college is diverting its attention to Warren County who doesn’t have a levy to support it). Commissioner Debbie Lieberman was there to talk about her Read More

Montgomery County Democratic Party site doesn’t want your input either.

It’s bad enough they were still endorsing Dick Chema for the OH-3 race of 2006, when it’s 2008– but, apparently, you can’t comment, or send a message- or use their blog either (maybe it’s because my name was in the message?;-) Degenhart Family Blog » Blog Archive » Dayton Daily News Democratic Endorsement…What is the Read More