South Dayton Dems get to hear the difference between substance and style

Just got back from speaking at the South Dayton Democrats meeting. Judy Dodge was there to speak about Sinclair’s issue 39 (and didn’t have the answers on why our community college is diverting its attention to Warren County who doesn’t have a levy to support it). Commissioner Debbie Lieberman was there to talk about her campaign- her opponent, Mark Anthony Newberry was a no-show.

Representatives from the Obama and Clinton camps were there, and the difference was clear. Obama had homegrown and Clinton had a very sweet carpetbagger who couldn’t find her way around Dayton without GPS.

Then there was me vs. Jane. I went first and talked about my history on the local scene, ideas I’ve promoted over the years, my knowledge of Mike Turner and our battles, and my ideas- along with the fact that I’m the no PAC candidate.

Jane got up and spoke about her roots, her daddy, her buddies in high places (Ted and Sherrod), her endorsements (including PACs) and a lot of statistical non-sense about how the district should tilt blue this time. Hey, I’m all for sending Mike Turner back to working in the Military Industrial complex instead of feeding it- but, lady- don’t you have any issues to talk about?

I’d love members of the South Dayton Dems who were there to share their views of what we both said- so if you were there- please comment.

In the meantime- back to working on the plan to get the word out without PAC money. Note to others- I had my postcards to handout. Jane had zilch.

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