South Dayton Dems get to hear the difference between substance and style

Just got back from speaking at the South Dayton Democrats meeting. Judy Dodge was there to speak about Sinclair’s issue 39 (and didn’t have the answers on why our community college is diverting its attention to Warren County who doesn’t have a levy to support it). Commissioner Debbie Lieberman was there to talk about her campaign- her opponent, Mark Anthony Newberry was a no-show.

Representatives from the Obama and Clinton camps were there, and the difference was clear. Obama had homegrown and Clinton had a very sweet carpetbagger who couldn’t find her way around Dayton without GPS.

Then there was me vs. Jane. I went first and talked about my history on the local scene, ideas I’ve promoted over the years, my knowledge of Mike Turner and our battles, and my ideas- along with the fact that I’m the no PAC candidate.

Jane got up and spoke about her roots, her daddy, her buddies in high places (Ted and Sherrod), her endorsements (including PACs) and a lot of statistical non-sense about how the district should tilt blue this time. Hey, I’m all for sending Mike Turner back to working in the Military Industrial complex instead of feeding it- but, lady- don’t you have any issues to talk about?

I’d love members of the South Dayton Dems who were there to share their views of what we both said- so if you were there- please comment.

In the meantime- back to working on the plan to get the word out without PAC money. Note to others- I had my postcards to handout. Jane had zilch.

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Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

Actually David, the Clinton Campaign in Dayton had a busy but GREAT day. We first hosted Chelsea Clinton at Sinclair, and were treated to an almost 2 hour question and answer session with the Senator’s daughter. 500 people showed up in Sinclair’s Library for the event. She was extremely well informed and knowledgeable about the issues. No doubt she shares her parent’s interest in helping to improve the lives of all Americans.

From there we held a volunteer meeting, where over 75 people showed up to talk about what they can do to put Hillary over the top in Ohio. Anyone else wanting to help out the campaign can email me at [email protected].

Oh yeah, and we’re also preparing for a visit by Senator Clinton to Dayton tomorrow. So, if you weren’t happy with our representative at the meeting, well, too bad I guess. I happen to know she is very dedicated to Hillary’s election, as are the hundreds of other Dayton area residents who showed up at our events today.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Sorry Russ, I cannot trust anyone who sucks up to NY enough to get elected in that State. Following the East Coast Shuffle has lead us into the Iraq War and the housing debacle. I am sure the Stanford educated Chelesea was wonderful, but what will that mean for Dayton? Selection of Obama has the potential to heal the wounds of Dayton and potentially the World. Get Midwest Russ! Be Midwest!

I do not be part of a State that put Bush and Clinton over the top!

David Esrati
David Esrati

And Russ- what part of “I’d love members of the South Dayton Dems who were there to share their views of what we both said- so if you were there- please comment.” did you not understand? You weren’t there.
I’m sure the reason you sent Kristen to the club, instead of coming yourself- is because the South Dayton Dems is a group that holds it’s meetings in PUBLIC- without secret society screening committees behind closed doors.
The difference between a meeting of Obama followers and your group- one is young, focused on hope and progress and re-building America- and you and your old school country club Dems- who like to lash out- and sound like you are running the party.
Guess what- super delegates or not- there is a movement going on- and you are still sitting on the sideline.

Drexel Dave

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough for Hillary to get elected and bring in NAFTA II.

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough for Hillary to get elected and pass another Telecommunications bill, making it legal for one company to own every single media outlet in a state or region.

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough for Hillary to get elected and re-join the board of Wal-Mart and help support the most anti-union American manufacturing job killing company in the history of our union.

We can dream, can’t we?

Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

David, I’m not sure why you’re such an angry little man. I don’t have a clue where you’ve dug up this “country club dems” thing. If anything, you’ve got the argument completely flipped. Why can’t you support a candidate without tearing everyone else down in the process? How can you possibly consider yourself a viable candidate for public office when all that comes out of you is negative trash? How about just telling people why you support something without demonizing everyone and everything that may not agree with you? What’s wrong with a difference of opinion?

I’m supporting Hillary because I believe in what she stands for. I’m supporting Hillary because she will fight for UNIVERSAL Healthcare. I’m supporting Hillary because she has a record of getting things done in the Senate. And, I’m supporting Hillary because she will kick “100 year war” John McCain’s booty in November.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

Russ, you’re a good one to talk. You’ve done NOTHING BUT spew negative trash here. First, you snidely insinuated that Mitakides is the only candidate worthy of consideration in this primary, and now you’re calling Esrati names.

Who’s really the angry little man? You’re not exactly Gandhi, my friend.

If anyone has been demonized, it’s David Esrati. For years he’s been persecuted,
prosecuted, and ostracized by people like you who are threatened by people like him.
It would be convenient if he would just shut up and go away, wouldn’t it? Because then, you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone making you and your cronies look like the unimaginative sycophants that you are.

If David is such a joke and so irrelevant, why are YOU wasting your time trying to tear HIM down? I would think you’d have better things to do. Or is kowtowing to Hillary only a part time job?

By the way, the “country club” David refers to is the local democratic headquarters and its exclusive, elitist practice of holding secret meetings to make decisions that should be decided by all.


David Esrati
David Esrati

When will the Montgomery County Democratic Party hold a debate between Winburn and Harris? Mitakides, Esrati and Sanders?
Why is it ok for the party to endorse in the primary in the secret room for every other office, but you don’t for President?
A real, open, populist, inclusive Democratic party would ENCOURAGE people to run, to give the voters choices, and to let the discussion flow freely.
I direct readers to the questions that were asked by the screening committee-
I posted the complete answers to all the questions here:
Why would a party include this question?
“16) In your race, if the Democratic Party endorses someone other than you,
will you run against the endorsed candidate? If yes, why?”
That’s giving a lot of power to a small group of political insiders- “the country club”
using that rationale, why even have a presidential primary- we can just let the “super delegates” decide and ignore the will and the voice of the people.
You sir, are the angry little man, who can’t do anything except tear people down who you can’t control. Maybe you should go back in time and live in Soviet Russia, and be on the Politburo, so you can guide the people with your infinite wisdom, I think it would suit you quite well- get a little skin condition on your head, and you could even pass for a young Gorbachev.


David, once again I have to point out that you have the facts wrong. The screening committee only makes a recommendation, the central committee makes the binding endorsement. Central committee meetings are open to the public, are open for public discussion, in fact a DDN reporter usually attends.
Voting central committee members are chosen in a primary election every four years, anyone may take out petitions and run. That is open and democratic, with members voted in by democratic primary voters. Those members make the endorsement.
I’m not sure if David is ignorant to this process or just wishes to pretend otherwise so he can be a martyr and have a scapegoat ready for when he loses the primary. Because of course, it wouldn’t be David’s fault if he lost, no. Blame that evil democratic party. It couldn’t have anything to do with David’s anger issues or poor campaigning. (That post card should be an embaressment to anyone in advertising.)
Meanwhile voters continue to validate party endorsements by voting in endorsed candidates again and again. Look at the record of democrats running against the party endorsement- it ain’t pretty.
As for the presidential, the party didn’t endorse because there are two excellent candidates vying for the nomination, this is not the case in OH-3 where there is only one viable candidate.

David Esrati
David Esrati

I don’t have the facts wrong. The Central Committee never had a chance to hear the candidates or participate in the endorsement. They just rubber stamp the secret screening committee’s suggestion.
There was no DDN reporter in the screening committee room.
So far, the process has worked real well- Turner has faced 3 endorsed opponents and trounced them all.
I am in total agreement with you on one thing- there is only one viable candidate to go against Mike Turner- and you’re trashing him- like a real pro. Great democratic spirit.
You sound like Russ Joseph- are you incapable of having an original thought? Do you get all your positions given to you by Party Central?

J.R. Locke

“Meanwhile voters continue to validate party endorsements by voting in endorsed candidates again and again. Look at the record of democrats running against the party endorsement- it ain’t pretty.”

Next you’re going to bring up 3rd party success? Of course the democratic endorsing body works, you’re in the business of creating sheep.

This is a microcosm of the democratic party all across this U.S. of A. Thank goodness the Republicans are in disarray.

Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

You guys crack me up.

Not winning the 3rd CD since Tony Hall left has a little something to do with the Ohio GOP gerrymandering 70,000+ republican voters into the district after the last census. How about making them the focus of your anger?

I, like our Founding Fathers, think representative democracy is a good thing, so I have a feeling I wouldn’t like Soviet Russia very much, but thanks for the time travel tip.

David Esrati
David Esrati

If the OH-3rd isn’t winnable Russ, why not send someone you don’t like to get a whupping- or is that why you did endorse Jane Mitakides?
If you want to fight with Mike Turner- you should at least have the guts to say it yourself in an e-mail blast – instead of asking the party chair to do it for you:
Maybe if the party spent more time encouraging candidates to run- instead of hand-picking them- they’d have had someone working for a full 2 years to get ready to beat Mike Turner instead of having a bunch of guaranteed “losers” to send to the race.

Russ Joseph
Russ Joseph

Actually, I never said it was unwinnable, just said that the primary reason we haven’t won it since Toy Hall left is because of the gerrymandering done to the district by the Ohio GOP.

And, by the way, we’re always looking for qualified candidates for office. We’re constantly bringing in interested folks and getting them involved with local campaigns to get some experience. We have a very active Young Dems group that is involved in every aspect of the Party and are also working on our numerous local campaigns this year. We put on campaign schools on off years to encourage people who are either interested in running for office, helping a campaign, or just want to find out more about local campaigns. We have countless local elected officials in cities/towns/villages all across Montgomery County, not to mention all the county-wide elected officials except the Sherriff, Coroner, and a few judges. I’d say we’ve been pretty successful at encouraging good candidates to run—and helping them get elected, even when we’re normally outspent by the Republicans by at least 2 to 1.

David Esrati
David Esrati

That’s why the party told Vic Harris to wait his turn?
The fact that the screening committee asks
“16) In your race, if the Democratic Party endorses someone other than you, will you run against the endorsed candidate? If yes, why?”
is proof positive that the party is a private club- trying to decide for the people.