Greed before sport: Olympic hockey

For today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show we discussed the Olympics- and our feelings about the possibility of not having N.H.L. players in the international games. It seems that Gary Bettman, NHL commish, thinks that the Olympics aren’t good for the NHL- even though viewership of the Canada/USA game on Sunday had better ratings than game Read More

Celebrating championships: NHL vs NBA

Flipped on the TV last night just to catch the end of the NBA finals. It was great that Phil Jackson now has 10 championships, I truly believe that man could coach any sport and deliver winners. However, the difference between the NBA trophy presentation and the NHL presentation made me quasi-ill. In the NHL, Read More

The final detonation of the Dayton Bombers

It was going to happen, in fact, just like the implosion of AIG, the only thing that would have saved the Dayton Bombers was a government stimulus check in the way of a new arena- and that would have had to have happened a few years ago. Today, the Dayton Daily News reports that the Read More