Celebrating championships: NHL vs NBA

crosby-with-cupFlipped on the TV last night just to catch the end of the NBA finals. It was great that Phil Jackson now has 10 championships, I truly believe that man could coach any sport and deliver winners.

However, the difference between the NBA trophy presentation and the NHL presentation made me quasi-ill.

In the NHL, the trophy, which is an absolutely grand masterpiece of a trophy- is handed to the captain of the winning team, who then skates it around the ice- holding the trophy high over his head, and then they pass it to every player on the team, who does the same thing.

The NBA, hands it over to the owner, who didn’t even work up a sweat the whole season. What are they celebrating? Their investment? To make matters worse, Dr. Buss had his kids accept it. The “trophy” looked smaller than most bowling league championship awards. The “interview” of the team captain was inane.

The NHL gets it right, the Olympics get it right, the NBA- FAILS.

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