County Commissioner Dan Foley

The secret group trying to do regionalism without telling anyone: One Dayton

please note: this is a long post for, but it is the unveiling of a secret group that is already spending your tax dollars with favored political consultants to advance a cause that can’t be spoken of in public… yet. I hope you find it useful and informative. A group has been meeting to Read More

Greed before sport: Olympic hockey

For today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show we discussed the Olympics- and our feelings about the possibility of not having N.H.L. players in the international games. It seems that Gary Bettman, NHL commish, thinks that the Olympics aren’t good for the NHL- even though viewership of the Canada/USA game on Sunday had better ratings than game Read More

Another junket- and what about open meetings?

If I’m not mistaken, send 2 members of the County Commission out- and you are in violation of the Sunshine laws. Area government and community leaders are departing Friday for their planned trade trip to Israel. The mission will focus on sensor technologies, advanced materials, aircraft and present investment opportunities to companies located there to Read More