The final detonation of the Dayton Bombers

It was going to happen, in fact, just like the implosion of AIG, the only thing that would have saved the Dayton Bombers was a government stimulus check in the way of a new arena- and that would have had to have happened a few years ago.

Today, the Dayton Daily News reports that the Bombers won’t skate next season:

The Dayton Bombers will not play the 2009-10 ECHL season, the league confirmed today, March 30.

The Bombers, who had the second longest tenure in the ECHL with 18 seasons, played their final home game Saturday, March 28, at the Nutter Center, where they have played since the 1996-97 season.

Dayton will wrap up the regular season on the road at Reading on April 4.

The Bombers organization must inform the ECHL Board of Governors of its future plans at the annual meeting on June 24.

“From the board’s point of view it’s a done deal, there won’t be hockey in Dayton next season,” ECHL commissioner Brian McKenna said. “There have been discussions about and rumors of possible owners, but nothing has come to fruition.”

via Bombers won’t play next season; cite declining support.

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet- but I’m already missing the idea of pro-hockey in Dayton. What makes my stomach turn is the comments on the Dayton Daily News site. Negativity to the nTH degree.

One can point fingers all over the place for the failure of the team (for at least the second time in 5 years) but, when it comes down to it- it’s a small business, just like any other small business right now, it’s tough.

The distractions caused by the Mandalay proposal for an AHL team, the talk of a new arena, and the way minor league hockey works (without real support from the NHL like the way the MLB funds minor league Baseball) all make hockey a tough business.

The reality of the matter is that Dayton (the region) just lost one more “cultural” attraction that helps contribute to the “livability” index of the area. This hurts all of us just a little bit, even if you never went to a game- and for that reason- all the naysayers on the DDN board should learn to STFU.

Dayton Bombers- it was nice having you around. You will be missed.

disclaimer: My agency, The Next Wave did project work for the Bombers under the last 2 owners.

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