Mike Robinette

Tools for citizen journalism

You already have a computer and an internet connection or you wouldn’t be reading this- or maybe, you have a cell phone with a browser? Either will do. A platform for writing and publishing? This site is powered by WordPress– which is one of the most powerful, easy to use Open Source Content Management Systems Read More

It’s raw, it’s unfiltered, it’s MikeRobinette.com

A new blog to watch in Dayton, from the man Ellen Belcher loves to hate more than me: Mike Robinette, former director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and community activist. One of his first posts was about what he overheard at the Oakwood club before the debate last night: Sitting at the bar Read More

What do campaign donations buy? Mike Turner exposed

This isn’t news to those in the know- but, it’s something the Dayton Daily News won’t dare dig into. Austin Road Interchange is just one more key to destabilizing what is left of our urban core in Dayton. Ever wonder how a little interchange becomes a BIG INTERCHANGE? Take a look at what Jeffrey over Read More