George Floyd

It’s time for a National Police retraining and rebrand

There was once a cartoon police officer, his name was Dudley Do-Right, yes, he was a Royal Canadian Mounty, but the idea of a conscientious, well meaning police officer is something we seem to have lost. Need proof? American culture used to celebrate lawmen on TV, from Joe Friday in Dragnet, to Marshal Matt Dillon Read More

Cops failing PR 101 and what to do next

The murder of George Floyd was a heinous crime. There are protests globally, and riots locally. They will not stop until there is justice and a new plan on how to deal with police acting as judge, jury and executioner. If you are a police officer, you should be thinking twice about facing down protesters Read More

The Second American Civil War Will Be YouTubeized

Apologies to Gil Scott Herron. While he said the revolution will not be televised, he nailed the last line of the song “The revolution will be live.” He didn’t foresee a broadcast studio in everybody’s pocket, he didn’t know you would no longer need a journalist to feed you news. “There will be no pictures Read More