Do not vote for Adil Baguirov for County Recorder

Dr. Adil Baguirov slowing down the process of hiring a new school superintendent

Dr. Baguirov is a time bomb. Don’t elect him to anything.

Frequent readers of this blog know the amount of time I’ve spent writing about the sheer audacity of this shyster. He’s committed voter fraud, he broke the residency rule for school board, he was responsible for the entire Rhonda Corr shit-show (not that he didn’t have lots of help from n00bs like Sheila Taylor and Joe Lacey, and Ron Lee), he personally got involved in a real estate deal that he had a conflict of interest in with selling the Patterson Co-op site to CareSource for half the market value, he totally engineered the bus deal- where he has a business that does business with the benefactors, but, on top of all that- he’s the biggest liar I’ve ever met.

The local Republican party should be locked up and put in jail for even letting him get on the ballot.

The local Dems should be locked up for failing to do anything about all of the above when the smoking gun of this video was released:

Before you buy into his “I was a poor refugee from evil Russia” schtick, he left out the part that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that spoon is still feeding him, without him filing the appropriate paperwork identifying him as a foreign agent.

He put $90K into his campaign, of his own money. He’s trying to out-SEO my posts, and fill up youtube with a bunch of videos. Do NOT believe a thing he says. There is zero reason to vote for him.

There are a lot of things that should have, could have been looked into by our prosecutors office, the Ohio Ethics Commission, the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Secretary of State- but, all of them, ignored it, because, frankly, we have the best government money can buy, and he has plenty of access to cash. Read about how a quarter million arrived in his bank account, right after he “won” in his unopposed race for School board- where he came in dead last: Dayton’s International Man of Mystery, Adil Baguirov, has ties to Russian “Laundromat”

I dumbed down the headline from Azerbaijani Laundromat to Russian at the time, I probably shouldn’t have, but, international diplomacy and intrigue isn’t everyday reading material for most Daytonian’s and understanding the Armenia/Azerbaijan conflict is kinda hard when most of you have never heard of either. Needless to say it’s sort of like the Hatfield/McCoy Feud- with lots of money and espionage.

I don’t expect him to win, or even come close, mostly because I don’t think there are a lot of hard Republicans willing to vote for “Baguirov” vs the guy with the same last name as Bruce Willis’s character in Die Hard, but, who knows anymore. If he does win, I’d be questioning the validity of our voting system, and if it had been hacked. That’s the technological skill set that Baguirov probably has behind his race. Think the whole Russian interference in the 2016 election- he’d be the person to test if the Russians can fix an election- and you’re the crash test dummies for it- since he’s already gotten away with fraud in the past.

Please, share this with everyone you know. Please go to Youtube and down vote his videos in record numbers, but don’t watch them.

Please realize the only mystery about Adil Baguirov left is why he isn’t already in prison for the voter fraud of claiming the house on Maryland Ave as his and his business partners residence.

Trust me- he NEVER lived in that house. And, you don’t want him in charge of the records for your house either.

The Montgomery County Board of (S)elections

There are enough barriers to getting elected in this country, the last one shouldn’t be the “bi-partisan” group that is in charge of making sure elections are fair- but, in Montgomery County, it seems the first stop is the last stop for more candidates and causes than most. Special privileges given to party- or union-endorsed candidates and political jurisdictions. We are now also making military members a privileged class in voting, while doing everything possible to make it difficult for the regular voter.

Somehow, Ohio has come up with a system that guarantees stupidity. Almost every organization known to man chooses odd numbers for the simple reason of breaking ties (even the U.S. Senate with its nice round 100- falls to the VP to vote in case of a tie). Yet, the county board of elections is made up of two Democrats and two Republicans- with no provision for the voice of any third party whatsoever. What’s even more amazing is that none of the board is elected by anyone- not even their own parties. What we have is a plain and simple patronage mechanism- which permeates every employee of this criminal organization.

I call them criminals, because despite their non-election, they manage to hide behind rules that are made entirely by elected bodies to make sure that those in power, stay in power. Gerrymandering has become an exact science since the advent of computer modeling with our entire state being configured to be non-competitive. The state redistricting commission will meet to hear public input today from 10 a.m. to noon at the former NCR World HQ at 1700 S. Patterson Blvd. across from Carillon Park.

A competition was held by the League of Women Voters to create a more equitable map in Ohio- and the winner was created by an Illinois State rep– not even an Ohioan. It is doubtful that these crowd-sourced maps will be adopted because our current political hacks are more interested in keeping their jobs than letting the public choose their representation.

In a move that only covered- the Montgomery County Board of Elections redrew all our local precinct maps recently without any real public review or regard for the myriad of other issues that are connected to these maps.

In Ohio it is incredibly difficult to push a citizen initiative on the ballot, or to recall a sitting politician, much of it because of our petition process which counts on voter roles that are a complete and utter mess. The disenfranchisement of voters has reached an all-time high in Ohio- with requirements of matching name, signature and address to their data coupled with very high signature requirements despite the fact that if you run for Congress- one of the highest offices in the land, and you are a member of a major party- you only need 50 signatures.

There are different petitions for almost every office- with different procedures, language, turn-in dates and rules for authentication. Despite the fact that all are just trying to confirm that the signer is in fact a registered voter. Even the definition of “registered voter” is a fluid description- as exceptions are made via provisional ballots and for the military- making the whole thing as predictable as playing spin the bottle. Why we differentiate between citizens and voters is a question that should be asked in the first place- as we are all Americans and pay the price of bad leadership – choosing not to vote is just as valid as choosing who to vote for, if you feel your vote doesn’t count anyway- but shouldn’t have any bearing on if you think a question should be up for a vote.

Recently, the Montgomery County Board of Selections disqualified 3 candidates from a field of six for the three seats coming up for the Dayton School Board. However on review, enough signatures were “Found” to put the sitting board president, Nancy Nearny, back on the ballot. Had she not benefited from this assistance, the three remaining candidates would have all been elected- although there may be a provision for write-ins for School Board (there aren’t for Dayton City Commission).

In another smooth move, a school, Miami Valley CTC,  that arrived 8 minutes after the 4pm filing deadline, had their issue placed back on the ballot- something that never would happen for a third-party candidate.

The Secretary of State- the only person we elect to oversee all elections issues (which happens to be a man who was embroiled in a residency flap for his entire time as a state rep) is trying to push new rules to make it more difficult for all voters to request absentee ballots and require state photo IDs for all voters despite the statistical unlikeliness of voters voting more than once with the current system could ever change the results- has now made it easy for military members to vote– while it is virtually impossible for them to sign a petition from a remote duty station to be involved in the other part of the process. Military members will even be able to sign up for e-mail alerts about deadlines for requesting ballots etc.- something that should be available to the regular voter.

There are also complex campaign finance reporting laws, campaigning laws and financial disclosure laws, all as obstacles against having average people step up to be the voice of the people as elected representatives. For a country that professes to have free elections- there is nothing free about the systems we have in place, that favor the connected, the wealthy and the incumbent.

A true board of elections and elections system would have a much better rate of successful candidate filings, giving more voters more choices in an equal opportunity election. But for now, we get to choose between a few candidates who manage to jump through all the hoops and buy their way into office.

It’s not just time to look at redistricting Ohio- it’s time to reevaluate the entire two-party system that runs the “Boards of Selection” so that we may actually have real choices on the ballot.

Getting on a ballot is the first challenge, then the real one appears

I’ve had my petitions rejected twice, once for being 3 signatures shy of 500 (and trust me- I had extras). So, how can the Montgomery County Board of Elections split on a failure to sign a petition? Only down party lines.

Since I don’t run with a party- I was doomed.

My last submission, 16 signatures were tossed because a notary didn’t write in the number of signatures she was notarizing- a stupid requirement, because the notary wasn’t there when the signatures were collected, but, that’s the system.

From today’s Dayton Daily News:

The mayor of Moraine’s political future is in the hands of Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner after the Montgomery County Board of Elections tied in a vote to certify her petitions to get on the Nov. 3 ballot.

In a special meeting Tuesday, Aug. 25, the board split 2-2 on whether to certify a petition listing 16 signatures that was circulated by Moraine Mayor Jean Matheny. She neglected to provide her signature on the petition as a statement of candidacy.

If Brunner decides against certifying the petition, Matheny will have 49 valid signatures, one less than is required. The ballot then would list only council member Bob Rosenscrans for the four-year term…

Board members Gregory Gantt and James Nathanson voted against certifying Matheny’s petition. Dennis Lieberman and Thomas Ritchie voted in favor of certifying it…

The board also voted not to certify the filings of Donald Allen Domineck Jr., who was seeking a Dayton School Board seat, citing that he did not have enough valid signatures.

Four incumbents — Yvonne Isaacs, Joseph Lacey, Ronald Lee and Stacy Thompson — will have a contested race since newcomer James Weir was also certified for the school board race. The top four vote-getters will win in November.

via Secretary of State to decide if Moraine mayor can run in November.

Donald Allen Domineck Jr. was also cut from the Dayton Commission race for the same reason. A comment on this site said he was the guy who sued Dayton Public Schools to let his kid walk at graduation, without meeting the requirements.

Once candidates get past the technicalities of getting on the ballot, they face the next huge obstacle in our system: raising money, getting known, and the new dirty secret of elections: figuring out the databases of voters and how to target them effectively.

Anyone who studies the Obama campaign, knows that the basis of his success was a mastery of data collection and micro-targeting. It was a technological win as much as an ideological one. The parties have powerful access to data- and voter databases (controlled by Boards of Elections like ours- which are totally bi-partisan). The independents have to start, almost from scratch.

The two most important pieces of data for a candidate- your phone number and e-mail address barely appear in voter registration databases. I know you got a million robo-calls, but, I can guarantee they weren’t from independent candidates. We’ve found ways to get numbers- for free, in batches of 1,500 per day- but, the module to do it in CiviCRM is deprecated for Drupal 6- so we’ll have to build it ourselves. Or buy numbers at a price. This gets expensive.

(and by the way- if you don’t know what CiviCRM is or Drupal, or Open Source code- it’s not critical to the discussion)

Even the modules for canvassing and voter data manipulation died. They were being funded by the Green Party of Canada-but, once elections are over- the money flow stops. It would be liberating for a George Soros type to fund the updating of these open source tools, but I have a better idea: it’s time to put the entire voter database into a social media/open source environment that is open to voters- and to candidates- which will allow all candidates equal access (or no access- if you the voter choose) to the data.

Polling- would be available to all candidates. Contact preferences wouldn’t have to be established for every candidate (meaning you could say I don’t want to be contacted by the Republican Party- and they would abide for example). Millions of dollars wouldn’t be needed for campaigns- since candidates would be able to reach registered voters (who are still only about half the eligible adults) without having to waste billions on un-targeted TV, Radio etc.

Granted, those without e-mail or internet access would be subject to more phone calls, or literature drops, but a vast majority of voters would be much better informed and engaged. Our “democratic system” might actually start behaving more democratic.

This idea won’t help me win this election. However, if elected- I will forward this idea for implementation, and also, work on simplifying the petition process so that we can have less problems with deciding what the BOE wants- and more about what the people want. I’d also make my technology available to other candidates- but, unfortunately, without real-time connectivity to the voter database, it may be too obsolete to use (sorry)

I’m pretty sure the people want choice- and a level playing field. Elections should be about the power of ideas- not the money behind them.