Dayton School Board filings- not yet certified

Today was the deadline to file your 300 signatures to run for Dayton School board: Three seats are supposed to open according to the Dayton Public Schools site: however, I”m pretty sure that Stacy Thompson wouldn’t be putting herself through this if her term really expired in 2011.

It looks like we have two challengers- Domineck and Weir- if their petitions are certified. Both pulled their petitions early in the year.

Donald Allen Domineck Jr.            1035  Superior Ave. Dayton 45402

*Yvonne V. Isaacs             4812  Northgate Ct. Dayton 45416

* Joseph E. Lacey             161  Huffman Ave. Dayton 45403

* Ronald C. Lee             247 E. 2nd St. Dayton 45402

* Stacy M. Thompson             531  Belmonte Park N, #604 Dayton 45405

James K. Weir             1139  Highland Ave Dayton 45410

Incumbents are marked with an * and are in bold.

Note, Stacy Thompson recently bought a home in Wright Dunbar, from Dayton Public Schools. However, this shouldn’t cause problems with the petitions- since it’s rare that incumbents ever get knocked off the ballot for any reason.

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