Deep-fried pretzels on Courthouse Square

OK, so I really should have taken a picture of it, but then you’d be extra hungry, and I’m sure it’s not good for you. Our amazing summer intern, Candace S., also works the Hearts Hot Dog stand on the Square. I’d been meaning to go down there all summer, but today we connected.

After having a Gyro (I always try Gyros – it’s a weakness with me) which was very good and a Sioux City Root Beer (with pure cane sugar), I asked Candace what she usually eats. When she said “deep-fried pretzel.” I knew I was in trouble. They’re $1.75 and worth every penny.

So, if you are grabbing lunch downtown, and it’s a sunny day- head on over to the Hearts Hot Dogs cart and tell Jim (Candace goes back to Ohio U. on Friday) that Esrati sent you- and prepare for deep-fried deliciousness.


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