Occupy Dayton Rally today- next on Saturday

  • It's not my health that's insured when the CEO makes $100 Million + a year! Occupy Dayton
    Insurance for CEOs
  • Photo from Main Street- looking down the protest line Occupy Dayton
    Yep- there is a boo-boo there. My fault.
  • The 2 Party System is really the rich vs the other 99% of us, Occupy Dayton
    2 Party
  • I'll believe that Corporations are people when Texas Executes one of them. Occupy Dayton
    Corporations aren’t people
  • It's time to link the maximum wage to the minimum wage. Occupy Dayton
    Maximum Wage

We protested a bit today on Courthouse Square in Dayton, Ohio. Will be back out on Saturday. The Facebook group Occupy Dayton has added 250 since last night when it had 500.

Go ahead and like it yourself.

I’ll write a longer post- but for now, look back to this one: Would you recognize the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution if you saw it?

Here are the four signs as PDFs 24″x30.” Feel free to use them. If using for your blog post- please credit The Next Wave for the copy of all but “Texas” Occupy Dayton signs

If you don’t think this is about you- you’re wrong.

I’ll get some more signs made for download. The paper and ink are expensive. If people want signs like these- I’ll print them off for $8 each on paper- you have to mount on something. The paper isn’t waterproof- polypropylene which is- is a bit more- $12 each.

But- you can make them yourself too. Everyone else did.

Photo from Main Street- looking down the protest line Occupy Dayton

Yep- there is a boo-boo there. My fault.

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J Dziwulski
J Dziwulski

Looks like you got more than four lost souls this time around (quelle suprise).   I think I count around 25 or so?  But the Tea Party folks still have y’all beat by a mile (and then some) with their crowd count.  

Again, one has ones finger on the pulse of Right Wing America in the Dayton region.  After all, this community was where Sarah Palin made her national debut (in the Nutter Center, next to John McCain).   Dayton folks dont want to occupy Wall Street, they want to make a killing on Wall Street.  This is an overgrown company town at heart, populated by forelock tuggers and suckasses.

So I’d be suprised if you get more than 30 people (and that is opitmistic) for future events of this kind.


I had the opportunity to visit the museum in Nuremberg a few weeks ago.  The similarity between the silly populism of this group and the early German national socialists is kind of startling to me.  The big difference is that this mob dehumanizes “the greedy 1%” instead of the “greedy Jew Banker” (read the forum).
The reason it is only startling/amusing and not frightening is that the folks in New York are kids who are anxious about paying student loans or professional protesters, not working-class toughs with delusions of racial grandeur and nothing left to lose.  Jeff calls the lonely few gathered in Dayton lost souls, Lenin might have called them useful idiots.


Steve Jobs dies ( Thomas Edison of my generation) but MSNBC needs to do a remote with fat fuck Ed from ground zero to explain how rich people are screwing us . “It’s not about class warfare, it’s about basic fairnessCSNBC . Quit standing around waitng for someone to give you a job, do something. If you are disabled there are programs for yopu.
Tom Friedman’s new book advocates, If you are young, think like an immigrant. At the same time, perform like an artisan. 
  There is a random man explaining why he can’t articulate his feelings because the education system and the government has failed him…………….So sorry!

David Sparks

I was there for approximately an hour. I would say that approximately 50 people is a fair number. Not everyone is pictured, or was there at the same time (some people just came down for a bit during their lunch).

Saturday’s event will be a much fairer gauge, as Downtown Dayton on a weekday is not an easy place for most to be due to work. 

Big Money
Big Money

Well the money is still flowing at the board of s(elections. They just spent 500k on new voting equipnent, that they didn’t need. Maybe they can cut some staff with this great new equipment. I also hear the Director and Dep Director are receiving OT on top of their six figure salaries! What other county directors get OT? None! Why don’t they split the time spent there like they do in others counties? Stealing! Do both directors need to be there after hours? ( ORC says they only need one director) Thank God we have two sucking the county dry and padding their pension. Why does Greg Gantt, a so called fiscal conservative allow this farce to go on? No wonder people are outraged!


Why waste your time!  Do you think any of else can change anything when it comes to greedy businesses?  Vote for Herman Cain … 9% taxes across the board.  If you aren’t working it’s your own fault!

J Dziwulski
J Dziwulski

I was there for approximately an hour. I would say that approximately 50 people is a fair number. Not everyone is pictured, or was there at the same time (some people just came down for a bit during their lunch).

50 is what the Dayton B-J said in their article.  Not a bad turnout for a workday and short notice.  In comparison Cleveland got around 200 at their event.  

Jeff calls the lonely few gathered in Dayton lost souls, Lenin might have called them useful idiots.

Useful to whom?  This implies some sort of cadre or leadership manipulating things. 

Which is what the left says about the Tea Party.  I give both sides more credit than that, that they respond to the message or ideology honestly, not via manipulation.  

This is why I have a lot of respect for the Tea Party, that their message has more resonance with the public…if the public didnt buy the arguments they wouldn’t show up at the ralleys to the degree they did…. the Tea Party rap resonates.  Not sure yet about this but i doubt it will equal the support Tea Party got, in this community.

These Dayton occupiers are lost souls…well…lost in the crowd, here at least, since theirs is such a minority opinion.   I’m a bit amazed they can draw as many as they did so far…for me it’slike “who ARE these people and where did they come from?”.   It’s like seeing some obscure artist at Canal Street Tavern, and seeing fellow fans there…it’s like ‘heck, I didnt know this guy or this group had a following here!”.


Jeff: “Useful to whom?”
Lots of folks.  Maybe Ralph will finally be able to make a run.

Fed up with Democrats, believe country needs overhaul (i.e., Ralph Nader): 41
Convinced the U.S. government is no better than, say, Al Qaeda (i.e., Noam Chomsky): 34
Polling 100 OccupyWallStreet Protestors

Some people are just looking for an excuse to party.

Causes range from social awareness to radical change in America’s financial and political systems, while other participants appeared content to simply get caught up in the spirit of demonstration.
Wall Street Protests Grow After Union’s Endorsement

I think the physical group is left leaning because the left has the professional protesters ready to put boots on the ground (and for the young white kids who can afford to play hippie being a lefty is trendy).  The online presence is a lot more muddled.  The Anonymous group has more significant anarchist / libertarian strains.  The common factor in these groups (Anonymous, OccupyWallStreet) is braindead anti-establishment populism.  They give us mobs amorphous enough in their demands that any lost soul can see their own angst in the social media inkblot. 

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…the Old Bandito would like to join your merry throng Saturday dear David, but cannot due to prior agreement to participate in the “Occupy Your Seat at Work” rally in order to keep financing this dog-and-pony show, after which there will be little energy left to participate in the “Occupy my Sofa” rally in my front room prior to the Buckeye-Husker tilt. But to steal a line from the “Princess Bride,” be sure to “have fun storming the castle.” Change the world before sundown…

J Dziwulski
J Dziwulski

Some people are just looking for an excuse to party.

…like the May-June Days in Paris, 1968. Yeah, that’s certainly there, the festive aspect to events/movements like this. This has been noted by others.   

Reminds me of that Bob Dylan lyric

There was music in the cafes’ at night/And revolution in the air.

J Dziwulski
J Dziwulski

This useful idiot was at both the Dayton and Cincy “Occupy This” demos.   So I guess for me it was “Occupy Daytonnati”.

Cincy was by accident since I was down there Friday night anyway, cruising the gay bars. So, since I was spending the night downtown, decided to check out the event in the morning.  I’d say they had around 200 at the Lytle Park gathering (which included some music..guitars, drums, harmonica and a guy on the trombone + some libertarian disruptors).  The thing extended to a “Long March through the Basin” (downtown & OTR, as far as Findlay Market, ending at Fountain Square), but that was all afternoon, so skipped that, since I wanted to check out the Dayton event.

Dayton had probably over 100 (nice meeting you again, David!) at Courthouse Square , and they marched to Cooper Park and Riverscape after the Courthouse Square event.  So, they doubled the the weekday attendance.  Not bad, considering…

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…though Lucifer himself tried to keep the Old Bandito from Courthouse Square Saturday afternoon, the plans of the Dark One were for naught. Despite delays, detours and a sticking thermostat which triggered an episode of overheating (the van, not the Old Bandito) he was able to attend the Occupy Dayton rally. Alas, it was not until 5pm when the assembly was already in retreat, but a careful choice of words forbids the use of the term “crowd.” Since the Old Bandito, in the course of a day’s labor,  had passed the rally twice that afternoon, there appeared to be at most a couple hundred interesting looking folks enjoying a Saturday in Indian Summer. Yet, methinks the rally could have been over in five minutes if the opening speaker went the microphone and spoken this well known truth: “Sorry folks, but from your township office to the Oval Office, the government is flat-ass busted broke. And the Gravy Train is highballing to derailment. Sorry about your decision to major in French Lit and Keg Science rather than Engineering, Finance or Nursing, but Uncle Sam wants his six-figure student loan money. And when Uncle Sugar gets done, you’ll wish you had visited Sammy the Bull Gravano for those tuition bucks. After all, Sammy the Bull generally limited loan collecting to crushing kneecaps, whereas your favorite Uncle will take everything ya’ got, bar you from bankruptcy protection, and throw you in a cell in rural Kansas with a cellmate named Rico who thinks you’re cute…


The startling similarity I mentioned up-thread is being exploited in predictable fashion:

After all – JUST WHO – are the WALL STREET BANKERS? The vast majority are JEWS – and the others are SPIRITUAL JEW materialists,[…]
ANP Report for October 16, 2011

That’s one of the problems with mobs; they’re ugly.