Occupy Dayton Rally today- next on Saturday

We protested a bit today on Courthouse Square in Dayton, Ohio. Will be back out on Saturday. The Facebook group Occupy Dayton has added 250 since last night when it had 500.

Go ahead and like it yourself.

I’ll write a longer post- but for now, look back to this one: Would you recognize the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution if you saw it?

Here are the four signs as PDFs 24″x30.” Feel free to use them. If using for your blog post- please credit The Next Wave for the copy of all but “Texas” Occupy Dayton signs

If you don’t think this is about you- you’re wrong.

I’ll get some more signs made for download. The paper and ink are expensive. If people want signs like these- I’ll print them off for $8 each on paper- you have to mount on something. The paper isn’t waterproof- polypropylene which is- is a bit more- $12 each.

But- you can make them yourself too. Everyone else did.

Photo from Main Street- looking down the protest line Occupy Dayton

Yep- there is a boo-boo there. My fault.

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