Local media minimizes Occupy Dayton rally- while ignoring their role in the rally

In the same issue where they proudly show how much money is being spent with TV stations on Issue 5- they cut the number in half of the people in the protest:

Demonstrators allying themselves with protesters around the country who say they are fed up with corporate greed and perceived government indifference to Americans who aren’t wealthy and powerful, rallied Saturday on Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton.

At least 100 people, a few of whom wore Halloween-style masks, carried signs and chanted.

via Over 100 demonstrators join ‘Occupy Dayton’ rally.

Not that 200+ people at a rally is a huge achievement, but considering this is growing from nothing to something exponentially in a few weeks, I still think we may be witnessing the start of the 2nd American Revolution– Arab spring style.

I was interviewed by David and Audra Sparks of “The Dayton Informer” and you can see why I don’t get elected- I’m not a good soundbite guy. I’ve got a lot of respect for what these two are trying to do- providing an alternative video news outlet for Dayton. Without access to fiber, the major problem in doing this type of site is upload speeds. Just another way the media barons keep the competition at bay. Here’s the interview:

You can see the size of the crowd toward the end of the video, and it numbers well over 100.

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While the media still wants to mock the people for wearing Guy Fawkes masks, or not having a message, it’s pretty clear that our governor knows exactly who he wants to spend our tax dollars on: the very same corporations that already aren’t paying their fair share of taxes (and stop with the corporations don’t pay taxes, they pass it through to the consumers BS- they also spend quite a bit lobbying- to further unbalance the playing field), again, from today’s Dayton Daily News:

As promised, Gov. John Kasich is pursuing job creation at every turn, but his biggest successes have involved offering packages of more than $240 million in grants, loans and tax breaks to convince a handful of Ohio companies to sit tight or move just a few miles rather than pack up and leave the state.

via Kasich approves more than $240M packages to retain jobs.

Corporate welfare isn’t going to be so popular for very much longer. What was sad is that Mr. Sparks asked protesters yesterday if they knew local elected officials (with the exception of Dayton School Board members, William Schooler, Yvonne Isaacs and Stacy Thompson) all voted to give GE over $15 million in tax abatement just a few months ago, and the protesters had no idea.

Even though protesters are ill-informed, they won’t stay that way for long. Once they start really digging into how things got the way they have, we may be able to finally get a few constitutional amendments passed:

  • No more tax abatement at any level other than the national, unless broad policy is behind them (environmental protection).
  • Completely eliminate any private donations to political campaigns.

If the “Occupy” movement could just get these two things onto the ballot, we’d have a springboard for changing everything else.

There is one old adage that the media should remember when reporting on things like this movement, confounding their standards of clarification as part of the news gathering process: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

They have changed the world before, and it could be starting now. As to why they are stupid- the mass media can blame themselves. The story has been out there for years, they’ve just failed to report it.

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