Commissioner Joey D. Williams

311 in Dayton anyone?

At the South East Priority Board candidates’ forum on Thursday night I got asked about my position on changing the priority board system. Simply stated, I believe we need to draw our own boundaries- by neighborhood, instead of letting State lawmakers gerrymander voting precincts so that Mike Turner could win OH-3 and John Boehner could Read More

Risk; and electing challengers

Seth Godin wrote about risk and apparent risk today on his blog. And while the Dayton Daily News seems to think (“Incumbents Joey Williams and Nan Whaley …are the best bets for Dayton voters.”) that adding one or two heretics to the Dayton City Commission would be a really bad decision- the reality is, it Read More

The war of the yard signs. Not being waged in yards.

If memory serves correct, political yard signs are only to appear in yards- not public right of ways, abandoned lots, etc. You wouldn’t know it looking around Dayton. I despise yard signs. Usually, they have the name of the candidate and that’s about it. They are, for the most part ugly. Visual debris. However, people Read More

See Esrati beheaded. Worst video ever. Candidates Night video

Shoot the video operator (me, with a goby pocket tripod)- I managed to cut my own head off. I thought about publishing it as a podcast- because the words are more important anyway- but, the reactions of Nan while Gary is speaking (I didn’t watch my own part) may be worth the price of watching. Read More

Nan, Joey, David and the Dayton Daily News editorial board

I could write a long post about the editorial board interview, I took three pages of notes. Probably more than the editorial board. We also had reporter Joanne Huist Smith, and Assistant Metro Editor Anthony Shoemaker in the room- and a photographer for a bit. Most of the questions came from Martin Gottleib and Ellen Read More