See Esrati beheaded. Worst video ever. Candidates Night video

Shoot the video operator (me, with a goby pocket tripod)- I managed to cut my own head off. I thought about publishing it as a podcast- because the words are more important anyway- but, the reactions of Nan while Gary is speaking (I didn’t watch my own part) may be worth the price of watching.

If anyone wants to transcribe this- and put it in comments- it would be appreciated.

It’s about 40 minutes, and if you didn’t have a chance to hear the candidates speak- here it is.

There are things I could have said better. I have to be somewhat careful to not attack the other candidates, because there is a possibility I may have to work with one, or two of them for the next four years.

It’s my goal to continue to broadcast as many of these as possible, and to make sure that if elected, all meetings of the City Commission (except executive sessions) are available online.

The order is, Challenger Gary Leitzell, Mayor Rhine McLin, Q&A for Mayoral candidates, Challenger David Esrati (me) Commissioners Nan Whaley, Joey D. Williams, discussion. Subtitles should make it easy to scroll to the right areas.

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So, essentially this was a job interview and you showed up in blue jeans. Professionalism has it privileges……….

Drexel Dave Sparks

I think Nan has a crush on you.

Drexel Dave Sparks

Have to agree with that one Gene. Dave, you aren’t running for an ad in Land’s End. I bet you would be spiffy in a nice tailored suit from Price Brothers. And you could have pimped the local owned business during your speech, noting how you philosophically and monetarily support local businesses. Everyone loves that.
Nan, sweetie, ease up on the tight clothes. I like all kinds of junk in my trunks, but when the element of intrigue is there. You still sexy though, but get used to being loose (fitted that is).
Joey Williams and David seemed on top of things. Gary did too, but I would love to hear Gary go on more at length about all of the specific challenges, triumphs and defeats he has faced as president of the Walnut Hills neighborhood Association.
He is really fun to talk politics with. And with youtube, there is no more media constraints in time or content.
Mayor McLin sounded like she was pulling answers out of a can.
I love all of you people to whom but for the mere protoplasmic chance of the universe we share this moment of consciousness. Keep on politicking.
Disclosure: I was Gary’s next-door neigbor for five years, and know him as well as a neighbor can.
So I asked myself a question.
What would Dayton be like if we had a thousand more Gary Leitzell’s?
The renaissance would be sitting in our lap. That’s my answer.
What’s yours?


I lost count of the “ummms” that seemed to come out of Nan Whaley’s mouth every other word, and thought it was very unprofessional for her to check her cell phone while Joey Williams was talking. I also agree with Drexel Dave’s assessment of her choice of clothing – doesn’t she have a mirror? I agree you should have been in a suit.


You just don’t get it.

I noticed. So did two other people. Everyone else was somewhat dressed for the part. But you, no. You think you are better than other people.

It may not matter to you, but if it costs you votes then it should matter. Why not go in a speedo then? Better yet, a mask. When you get a clue, when you decide to get serious, when you understand this is not about you, then and only then will people donate more than their merciful five or ten bucks.

BAD ANSWER TO ME – you could have just said you were too busy or that I am right and will do better next time, but no you come out with this………

And the bronze medal goes to, once again, David Esrati………….


pre note… I was there at this event

@gena I agree with you, I think it was very un-professional to show up to a forum in Jeans I’m just a campaign manager no one was looking at me and I had on dress slacks. I just think there’s a certian un-spoken decorum that should be followed. If my canidate showed up in jeans there would be a chewing out!

@esrati you might not think that you should have to dress a certain way but do you see how the focus has totally shifted from the messgae you were trying to give to what you had on… your physical apperance should be less of a destraction as possible so people have no choice but to focus on your message i suggest blue’s, gray’s, or blacks….

p.s. I thought nan looked good :-)


I wonder how hard McLin tried to talk to “that guy” at NCR. When she called, did she ask for “the boss” or “that guy who runs the company” ? I may have missed it, but she mentioned Lars and Mark as CEOs of NCR but I never heard her say Bill Nuti’s name… Did she not know it ?


Oh wow, that’s mean I was just giving a suggestion from someone who runs campaign’s, I was trying to be helpful … I heard your ideas and was very impressed by some of them, no clothing does not sway how I will vote… the truth of the matter is to most people it does why do you think the mayor didn’t have on a hat or her signature glasses you don’t do that while campaigning! So for you to come at me like that is appalling, if someone commenting on what you were wearing is enough to make you reply to a potential supporter in a snarky matter than geesh… and no I don’t have firefox! .

Good day to…


you still don’t get it Mr. Esrati.

Not only jeans, but honestly you looked like a slob.

Dress the part. Be big boy. Goes with the territory.


People will not elect huge egos unless the dress like joey….


Joschka Fischer was elected to the Hesse parliament, and wore adidas and jeans.  He did wear a blazer or sportcoat.


David, I think you did a great job. You were clearly speaking from the heart and you brought up a few of the glaring injustices that are now accepted as Dayton traditions. I hope you get a few hits on the website regarding the “screening committee”, for instance.

And I really don’t care what a candidate wears; this is the polar opposite of a job interview. Obviously a Speedo would be inappropriate, but you looked like you were ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

Now there’s a mental image I could have done without.

Hudson Rush
Hudson Rush

My father once told me…”You have one chance to make a first impression…”
I’ll admit that clothes do not make the man (or message)but come on David, if you’re going to defeat the machine…first impressions are important!

John Ise
John Ise

I too think you (& Joey W.) came across well.  Gary L. however came across as kinda shrill, no?