See Esrati beheaded. Worst video ever. Candidates Night video

Shoot the video operator (me, with a goby pocket tripod)- I managed to cut my own head off. I thought about publishing it as a podcast- because the words are more important anyway- but, the reactions of Nan while Gary is speaking (I didn’t watch my own part) may be worth the price of watching.

If anyone wants to transcribe this- and put it in comments- it would be appreciated.

It’s about 40 minutes, and if you didn’t have a chance to hear the candidates speak- here it is.

There are things I could have said better. I have to be somewhat careful to not attack the other candidates, because there is a possibility I may have to work with one, or two of them for the next four years.

It’s my goal to continue to broadcast as many of these as possible, and to make sure that if elected, all meetings of the City Commission (except executive sessions) are available online.

The order is, Challenger Gary Leitzell, Mayor Rhine McLin, Q&A for Mayoral candidates, Challenger David Esrati (me) Commissioners Nan Whaley, Joey D. Williams, discussion. Subtitles should make it easy to scroll to the right areas.

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