The war of the yard signs. Not being waged in yards.

If memory serves correct, political yard signs are only to appear in yards- not public right of ways, abandoned lots, etc.

You wouldn’t know it looking around Dayton.

I despise yard signs. Usually, they have the name of the candidate and that’s about it. They are, for the most part ugly. Visual debris. However, people seem to think more yard signs means victory.

Looking around, I’m not seeing many Nan or Rhine signs in yards- just in pairs, anywhere there is a Leitzell sign. With $100K in the bank, McLin and Whaley will win that war- and any media buys placed by challengers will be decimated. In the money war, the challengers will lose- although Gary did tell me he got his first $1000 check today.

My signs will arrive in two weeks. They will say something other than my name. They will not appear in public-right of ways, only in yards. They will cost a pretty penny. If you ask me, it’s money wasted- but, if you want to be visible, it’s the most affordable outdoor solution out there. So, if you want one in your yard, please go to and register as a volunteer- and check off “yard sign”- we’ll bring them to you. The only catch- we’ll also pick them back up. I don’t want to litter our city anymore than needed. In the mean time, expect to see more chalk on watlks, streets and where people meet.

As an indication of the nervousness of the incumbents, polling was being done today. If they are hearing anything like what I’m hearing going door-to-door, the mood is decisively anti-incumbent anyone. People want change, and the incumbents don’t offer it. I’ll keep working to keep you informed.

In the meantime, I still ask you to go visit and and see if you can find anything even remotely like

Try to leave them a message, or have a discussion.

We’ll see who has the last laugh, November 3.


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