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Politics or fundamentals? Dayton’s choice on Nov. 5, 2013

For the last thirty years, Dayton has pursued one “silver bullet” project after another to “save Dayton” or to pivot our fortunes. The list is long, starting with Courthouse Square, the Convention Center, the Arcade, the Arcade Tower, the Victoria, the Schuster Center, Riverscape, Baseball, and while some of these can be counted in the Read More

Why Dayton doesn’t need a “strong Mayor”

The latest “silver bullet” solution to be floated by the Republican party and a few others who think they already run this town is to switch to a strong-mayor form of government. Abracadabra- and all our troubles will be gone. I say horse-hockey and here is why. We don’t change horses anyway- preferring to ride Read More

Automatic raises create automatic problems

Just before the election, we start to see the reality of City Hall- while income has been dropping every year, it’s been business as usual. Two raises a year for managers- regardless of the performance of the city. There are no metrics to use, because the city doesn’t believe in accountability. This is where a Read More

Dayton’s next leaders; part of “The Esrati Plan”

The Dayton Daily News says everyone who is qualified, has left for the suburbs. How wrong they are. As part of the Esrati plan, and if elected, it’s my primary job to find, recruit, mentor and help the next leaders of Dayton. No more unopposed candidates, or incumbents (that’s right, I want a primary even Read More

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