Leitzell on defense

I like Gary Leitzell. I also like Rhine McLin. Clay Dixon is a nice guy. I’ll leave my personal opinion of Mike Turner out of this.

Unfortunately, Turner is the only one who understood how to act like a mayor.

Not that he was great at it- his arrogance and contempt for others got in the way and ultimately is why he lost to McLin.

Even though the city manager is paid over three times what the mayor makes- and is supposed to be the full-time professional in charge, we seem to have zero trust in that position, nor allow the manager to lead. It’s why people like Nan Whaley think it’s time for a strong-mayor form of government and after reading how our current mayor is handling a mess he created- one has to wonder if we should have an elected mayor at all?

The Dayton Daily did two stories about the “Mayor’s Leadership Council” last week, and how it was shrinking down to 6 people. Frankly- we have a leadership council- it’s called the Dayton City Commission- and they were all duly elected by the voters to guide the city manager. The hubris that Leitzell came into office with- despite his microscopic win (albeit over ridiculous odds) to select people like David McDonald and Wilburt Shanklin to advise him on how to govern us was a bad starting point. He should have been building alliances with two other city commissioners, because the first rule (and the only rule) is that it takes three votes to pass anything.

Instead, Leitzell continues to flail against the DDN- and takes great pride in his 15-minute commission meetings (while still having hours-long illegal “work sessions” where the real business gets discussed)- and posts reactionary, woe-is-me responses on his own blog:

Another Hatchet Job by the Dayton Daily News – Proof that they make up stories!

Today the DDN (Dayton Daily News) printed a story that is a complete load of lies and fabrication…..

It was known to many that I attend social events with my daughter on Wednesday morning and afternoons including a gym session at the YMCA. I had been doing such for many years.

via Dayton Mayor: Another Hatchet Job by the Dayton Daily News – Proof that they make up stories!.

He is paid $45K plus benefits for a part-time job. Yet, he’s found little time in his first 11 months to post on his blog to inform his supporters of his initiatives. People ask me what I think of his tenure- and I always respond that I like Gary as a person, but am unimpressed with his handling of his job.

If he really wanted to be the people’s mayor- maybe he should be spending more time telling us the good things he’s working on- via his site, his ideas, his plans, his goals- and what he’s doing to move things forward- instead of using it to post videos and reactions to stories where he gets a smackdown.

There are plenty of people working to move Dayton forward, who aren’t paid $45K a year by the taxpayers- who are making a difference instead of excuses. It’s time for Mayor Leitzell to re-evaluate his priorities and stop making excuses for his bad press.

His role as a home-schooling parent is the lamest of excuses and even the mayor should recognize that when he decided to run for this position, some things in his life would have to change.

We elected Leitzell because our other choice hadn’t exactly set the world on fire with her vision for Dayton and we didn’t have any other choices. We don’t care if he doesn’t run again- but we do expect a person in a leadership position to act like one.

It’s time to prove the DDN wrong, Mayor Leitzell- and start generating your own positive press for this city. You know how to respond- it’s time to be proactive.

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