Automatic raises create automatic problems

Just before the election, we start to see the reality of City Hall- while income has been dropping every year, it’s been business as usual. Two raises a year for managers- regardless of the performance of the city. There are no metrics to use, because the city doesn’t believe in accountability. This is where a 311 system would start to make a dent- as would goals and objectives for improving quality of life:

Summary of wage and step equivalent payments to city of Dayton managers

2005: 2% merit raise, and 1.1% step equivalent (3.1% total)

2006: 2.5% merit raise, and 1.16% step equivalent (3.66% total)

2007: 3.0% merit raise, and 1.16% step equivalent (4.16% total)

2008: 3.0% merit raise, and 1.11% step equivalent (4.11% total)

2009: 0% merit raise, and 1.19% step equivalent (1.19% total)


City of Dayton

via City workers’ raises to be slightly less than $300K, official says.

If you add the percentages up (without the compounding effect- that’s 16.22% over 5 years! While income tax revenue has decreased every year. Guaranteed FAIL.

Another amazing tidbit:

Tom Biedenharn, the city’s director of public affairs, said there are 416 managers in the organization of 2,097 full-time employees. Of those, 381 are eligible to receive the “step equivalent” raise. The raises will not exceed a total of $292,350, Biedenharn said.

If you do the math, there is one manager for every 5.04 workers. Not exactly a formula for success, or saying much about the managerial capability of these managers. Something is grossly wrong with our city organizational structure.

But, don’t get me wrong- I actually believe we should be paying our people top dollar- for top performance. Show me a city manager who can reverse the population decline and I’ll gladly pay him $250, 000 a year or more- as long as it’s tied to real metrics. Show me a way that police officers cut crime in half with the same staffing, and I’ll pay every cop $100K plus a year. What has to stop is paying for failure.

We also are looking at the wrong thing- as is usually the case. While people are all upset about these pay raises- they are ignoring the squandering of our tax dollars to private businesses like MedWork and Bob Schiffler, or BGH.

Every week the city is involved in bribing businesses with corporate welfare to stay in Dayton- instead of providing a place where they want to locate. That’s the real crime.

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