Board of Elections

When a rock star’s autograph ain’t worth a damn

Kelley Deal. You signed a petition to put me on the ballot. The board of elections had problems with your penmanship. Doesn’t matter if you are a rock star, who has played around the world and in front of crowds of thousands- in your hometown, they don’t know who you are. And just like that- Read More

938 people required 2 mailings

Inspector Gotcha was involved in the board of election mailing. Despite the fact that it was a Dem primary- they had to mail every household with the notification, in case people wanted to switch parties. Of course, graphic design is NOT the BOE’s specialty. So- 938 people got their original absentee request returned- and asked Read More

Absentee ballots arriving- as well as….

I got my absentee ballot today. Lots to fill out on the outside of the envelope- lots of places where the Board of Elections can start asking questions. Didn’t check this box- fill this in right- we’ll toss it. I’ll be extra careful- in fact, I’ll make a video of the process for people to Read More

Board of Elections inserts itself in the way of the voters

The signatures were good. The petition was turned in on time. The issue is what day did I declare my candidacy? My answer: I’ve never declared my candidacy, the Board of Elections declares my candidacy. Today they rejected it- because I put the date of turn-in on my petitions instead of some arbitrary date in Read More

Good to see you, and how’s the campaign coming….

The Board of Elections is a funny place. There are two of everything- and they should be color coded. It’s our crazy way of running elections- where we put the two parties in charge- who then make it their sole goal to keep any other parties or independents out of the action. A disconcerting recent Read More

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