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William Pace Trial, part 2.

I attended the second hearing of the Montgomery County Court of Appeals today where there were many questions about “substantial compliance” including the part about “what the certificate of candidacy” actually means. All of it was horse hockey. Early voting starts tomorrow and the judges were thinking it was too late to put Pace’s name Read More

The sanctity of the 500 signatures is a farce

The Board of Elections stands between the people and the primary. Instead of letting the people decide who should advance to a general election, the sacred law says you must turn in 500 “valid signatures” of registered Dayton voters. It’s the LAW. So, signatures that they can’t read- or aren’t close enough to a signature Read More

News the DDN fails to Cover: Test case on petitions for Independents

While the Dayton Daily News has everything you need to know about Touchdown Jesus, a major lawsuit was filed on the 11th of June that not only attacks the dirty world of Dayton’s political monarchy, but also the State of Ohio’s insane laws that create huge barriers of entry for Independent or third-party candidates. C. Read More

Democracy 2.0 meeting tonight, Mar 13 08

We need a better way to inform voters of the issues and the candidates than these huge media campaigns based on :30 second sound-bite rhetoric. That’s why we’re getting together to start working on Democratic Party 2010 on Thursday, Mar 13, 2008 at 7pm at the South Park Tavern, 1301 Wayne Ave Dayton OH 45410 Read More