When a rock star’s autograph ain’t worth a damn

Kelley Deal. You signed a petition to put me on the ballot. The board of elections had problems with your penmanship.

Doesn’t matter if you are a rock star, who has played around the world and in front of crowds of thousands- in your hometown, they don’t know who you are.

And just like that- your signature was relegated to the Dumpster. Same for my next-door neighbor Bridgette, and Sam around the corner. People I know- and know they vote, were ignored.

If you think that’s borked, you’re not alone. Imagine Larry Ealy who turned in  800 signatures only to have 283 valid. Or Miss Williams-Minus, who only collected 280 or so- not enough to reach the required number- but thought enough of the voters signatures to pay the $45 filing fee and turned them in. She wanted their voices on record.

Once again, the Dayton City Charter, gets to pick and choose what passes for legal. I had to sign in front of a Notary Public that I witnesses the people sign- but, that’s not enough. Nope- for Dayton City Commission you need 500 bona fide signatures- to be collected in January and February for a primary, that we haven’t held in 18 years.

We’ve rejected more petitions than we’ve accepted- we have no path to prove that yes, in fact- that was Ms. Deal’s wishes- and, we can’t run as a write in candidate either.

Running for Congress- you only need 50 signatures, and no Notary. Yes, the Dayton City Commission is that important.

Even though federal election law keeps over 100,000 people on the rolls, the local laws, call for 25% of that number to mount a recall. Once in power- always in power.

If you don’t turn in enough signatures for a statewide issues, you are given a grace period to get more- but not for Dayton City Commission.

Yes, William Pace is on the ballot, turning in 1,100 plus signatures to get 700 odd good. Mr. Manovich, with 619, got 513 good ones (including 120 I collected) and will be on the ballot. Mr. Joseph and Mr. Lovelace had their friends in high places collecting for them. Petitions were circulated by Idotha Bootsie Neal, Willis Blackshear, Nan Whaley, Mr. Nan Whaley, and other party faithful. If I could get access to the addresses of city employees- I can almost guarantee some of these signatures were collected at work, on city property- but that’s another case.

I made a short speech at the BOE meeting- I ran a recording. It’s not the best for the beginning where they award contracts, but- if you listen, you can hear my statement, (I start around 9:23) and then listen to the board play graphologist on 6 of my signatures that they thought might be of adequate penmanship.

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