Alan Greenspan

Our grandstanding prosecutor, Mat Heck, and the reach of UD Men’s Basketball

In another case of “it’s who you know” in Montgomery County, isn’t it somehow odd that 2 petty thieves don’t end up in jail- and have to wait for a speedy trial just like everyone else- because they were members of the UD Men’s basketball team? Any other black male, caught breaking into UD dorm Read More

Dayton Grassroots Daily show v.16- “Free Markets”

We’ve been hearing people tell us the “Free market” will solve all problems. The problem  is, you have a better chance believing in Santa Claus, Unicorns and that Homeland Security and the TSA are really deterrents to terrorism. Yep, that was Alan Greenspan promising us that “free markets” would root out abuses of the system- Read More