Strickland fails to lead.

The “Stripper Bill” is going into law without the Governor’s signature.

A pure gutless move by a first term governor who is afraid to load the weapons against his reelection campaign, instead of doing what is right.

All the passage of this bill will do is create more lawsuits, a risk of hidden private clubs where this activity can be done without risk of prosecution, and allowing religion to enter politics once again.

To prove a point- while our legislators are so worried about how close a stripper gets to a customer, there are private sex clubs all over the state including at least 2 in the Dayton area- where people have SEX- OMG, did I just say that… and they may not even be married to their partner.

Strickland needed to put his foot down, say this is not what the legislature should be doing- veto it, and get the focus back on school funding and job creation through a better business environment.

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