You are mighty…. you are also in need of a date in Dayton.

Got this from a friend today- one that I hadn’t heard from in a long time.

He’s in advertising- so- of course, it turns out to be a viral to announce a free dating service (sneaky bastards those marketers)- called, ahem, lettuce connect… sound effects, rim shot- zing.

So you stick your name in front of this url, and voila- you are mighty- like this:

of course, they have to have a few others- like you are my friend,  you will be defeated, etc.

This free dating site is a little more web 2.0 than other free dating sites like but suffers the same problem all dating sites have- critical mass- but, they’ve tried to get around that by tying other sites like facebook and myspace profiles back to their site- interesting idea- maybe risky from a security standpoint.

I know this has little to do with what I usually write about- but, for all of you who are dateless in Dayton- I’m providing links to free dating resources- including, the mac daddy of free sites, 

Now, back to work.

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