Embarrassing for who? The DP&L settlement needs to be investigated.

Just because your court case is going poorly, doesn’t give you an excuse to settle- if you are a public utility.

Public Utilities aren’t your standard corporations- they are a government sanctioned monopoly- which should mean that they should be held to a higher standard of conduct and scrutiny.

In fact the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is supposed to  provide that oversight, so maybe the State Attorney General should investigae the PUCO at the same time as they open an investigation into how three “executives” got away with a white collar crime to beat all crimes- robbing a public utility and the public who pay for the electricity they sell- all in broad daylight.

From the PUCO site: “The PUCO was created to assure Ohioans adequate, safe, and reliable public utility services at a fair price.”

I don’t see anything about letting the utility “leadership” abscond with $55 million dollars in a swindle.

Just because the DP&L Board of Directors were incompetent doesn’t excuse the fact that the money still came out of money earned by a public utility- a privileged and government sanctioned monopoly.

Note: One of the people sitting on the PUCO board “protecting” us is former Dayton City Manager Valerie Lemmie  – so our leaders should have someone to call to ask for an investigation.

Who will be the first to step forward in calling for a reopening of this case, an investigation of the PUCO’s oversight responsibilities, and instituting assurances that monopoly utility companies aren’t granted a license to steal- no matter how incompetent the board of directors or the attorneys are?

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