The People who choose the Democratic candidates- and who chose them

What we have here is the list of the Montgomery County Democratic Party “Secret Society” Screening Committee and who recommended them (source) to join in the locked room to make decisions for all of us.

Full Name City Source
Debra B Armanini Vandalia Heck
Charles F. Bowling Miamisburg Bd of Elections
Sam Braun Dayton Keith
Djuna L Brown Dayton Keith
Gregory Brush Dayton Brush
Rick Carne Dayton Carne
Kenneth Curp Riverside  
Stephen E Davis, Jr. Centerville District Court
Douglas G Dempsey Dayton Wagner
Vicky Dempsey Dayton Keith
Judy Dodge Vandalia Dodge
Dave P Fecke New Lebanon Labor
Greg Flannagan Vandalia Heck
Dan Foley Dayton Foley
Vicki Gebhart New Lebanon Lieberman
Tim Gorman Dayton  
Steven P Harsman Vandalia BD of Elections
Darryl Hinkle Dayton ritchie
Angela Jones Dayton  
Robert Jones Dayton  
Guy E. Jones Dayton Heck
Matt F. Joseph Dayton Joseph
Russell M. Joseph Dayton Owens
Karl L Keith Dayton Keith
Beverly King Centerville BD of Elections
Marcia R. Knox Dayton Ritchie
Joseph E Lacey Dayton Rice
Mike LeMaster Dayton Richmond
Debbie A Lieberman Clayton Lieberman
Dennis A Lieberman Clayton Lieberman
Nancy L Marino Dayton BD of Elections
Clyde F Mauk Huber Heights Ritchie
Charles Morton New Lebanon Ritchie
William Nix Kettering Ritchie
Mark E Owens Dayton Owens
Herman L Panstingel Moraine  
Mike C Phillips West Carrollton Ritchie
Fred C Ralston, Jr. Dayton  
Varney Richmond Dayton Ritchie
Tom J Ritchie, Sr. Dayton Ritchie
David A Saphire Centerville Lieberman
Brice Sims Dayton Lieberman
Troy Singer Dayton Williams
E. Scott Springer Vandalia Labor
Cathy A Startzman Centerville Dodge
Sheila J Taylor Dayton Owens
John T Theobald Dayton Lieberman
Mike Thomas New Lebanon ritchie
Nolan Thomas Kettering Heck
Dennis G Thomas Miamisburg Union
Lynn G. Thomasson, Jr. Centerville Brush
Lynn G Thomasson, Sr. Dayton  
Willie C Thorpe New Lebanon Ritchie
Jim N Vangrov Centerville  
Wesley Wells Dayton Lieberman
Noreen J Willhelm New Lebanon  
Gabrielle R. Williamson Dayton  
Doris Wilson Dayton Wilson
Mary L. Wiseman Dayton Lieberman

Do you know all these people? Are they really the best judges of who should and shouldn’t run in Montgomery County? Do the sources in the right hand column seem even more mysterious? Who decided on them? Shouldn’t this have been public long ago? Doesn’t it seem like Dayton decides for the whole County?

Comments anyone?

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Then you bury it even further.

I am so done.

Drexel Dave

Looks like a list of those who show up to the meetings regularly.

The X

Looks like a list of the best hacks the admin building has to offer. In most cases there is a pretty long list of yes men, Bowling, Joseph, Joseph, Harsman, Thomasson, Braun and Brown. Over one half of that list is employed by a union or elected official. One third exactly receives a paycheck from the City of County. Another 10th of those on the list have one or more children employed by a fellow elected official.

Democrats would have to wonder how independent these voices are. In the defense of MCDP, it makes sense to appoint the most active meeting attenders and most active financial supporters. Compared to the County GOP list, this group is huge. The screening committee GOP HQ is 1/5 this size and far more diverse in its appointments and makeup as witnessed by the special screening committee used recently for the Sheriff’s screening.