The technology behind the get out the vote

I went walking for Obama and my own campaign today. One of the advantages of being endorsed- is access to voter data and the ability to pick who you want to campaign to- and what info you want to gather. I don’t have access to that system.

The Obama lists were segregated by age- 40 and under- and it would seem- undecided and dems. I was walking a precinct in Kettering, by the intersection of Woodman and Patterson, by Research Park. I got much better response for my own campaign than I did Senator Obama. In fact, I didn’t get a single person who was decided and Dem. Quite a few Republicans- and a lot of people not home.

While there is no doubt that the Obama staff know what they are doing based on the primaries so far- I would have preferred to have every voter in the house on my list than just the young ones. If I’m going to knock and gather data- I want all the data if someone is home.

Thanks to all the open minded R’s who said they would look at my site and consider voting in the Democratic primary. You made my day.

I lent the Obama campaign a laser printer and some office chairs- I think it’s great to see so many people showing up and wanting to help. They have phone lists for people to work- just take your cell down to the Kettering tower if you want to get involved.

Thanks to Abby for letting me leave a box of my literature at the Obama HQ for anyone interested. It’s nice to see when Dems work to be inclusive instead of exclusive like the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

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  1. Josh February 16, 2008 / 4:55 pm
    Alright – last one – I think. You want my vote – more posts and acts like this one.

    This shows your humanity. Community spirit. Getting involved nature. That you’re human – and understand that we all are. This demonstrates the potential of your character.

    One of the main reasons Obama is doing so well with the younger audience is because his demonstrated character epitomizes an idea from MLK Jr. – and many others before him, “I have a dream that my [fellow Americans] will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by [-isms, raceism, ageism, sexism, etc.] but by the content of their character.”

    And one thing that makes his character that much stronger – he doesn’t even mention it.

    But, then you bury it under another rant about Sinclair not paying their people enough, and how much money the president makes – you’re startin’ to sound like Karl Marx.

    I attended Sinclair and the faculty are, in my experience, great. Most of them (adjunct professors and all) are working double jobs. My sociology professor worked with abused and troubled youth in Dayton – she taught to spread the message – not to make a buck. For the most part – even the people that are working the various counters are interested in you as a human – and not a number – do they make enough? probably not – but how many of us have never said something like the popular refrain: I’m worth more than this.

    What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.Bob Dylan

    The woman you refer to in the rant got a job there despite ageism, education, and experience. I got a rejection letter (to add to my pile) from them saying, “While your skills are excellent…” Forget feeling sorry for her – I applaud her.

    I tried to go yesterday to volunteer to tutor Visual Communications or Art – figure if I can’t sell myself to teach it – maybe I can give myself away and do it. (If the main parking garage isn’t closed on Monday I will try again.)

    This is an excellent post David – still has some pessimism (I don’t have access to it) – and you and I both know I don’t hand out compliments lightly. We need more like this one. We need more acts like this. We need more politicians who do things like this – not more politicians/people who b!@#% and complain about what other friggin’ people are doing, what the world owes “everyone” including them, and how much other people make – the only thing you can control – is you.

    Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.Earl Wilson

    Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing; it was here firstMark Twain

    The sun will set without thy assistance.The Talmud

    And, quit b!#$%in’ ’bout how don’t nobody love you/ Spread your rubber lovin’ and it comes back to youMacy Grey

    If you want to lead people – you have to have somewhere to go.Rumble Fish

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world.Gandhi


    Oh! And, David – keep doing stuff like this without saying anything like “and look how cool I am because I did it” – and I might actually decide to vote for once in the past 10 years.

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