The technology behind the get out the vote

I went walking for Obama and my own campaign today. One of the advantages of being endorsed- is access to voter data and the ability to pick who you want to campaign to- and what info you want to gather. I don’t have access to that system.

The Obama lists were segregated by age- 40 and under- and it would seem- undecided and dems. I was walking a precinct in Kettering, by the intersection of Woodman and Patterson, by Research Park. I got much better response for my own campaign than I did Senator Obama. In fact, I didn’t get a single person who was decided and Dem. Quite a few Republicans- and a lot of people not home.

While there is no doubt that the Obama staff know what they are doing based on the primaries so far- I would have preferred to have every voter in the house on my list than just the young ones. If I’m going to knock and gather data- I want all the data if someone is home.

Thanks to all the open minded R’s who said they would look at my site and consider voting in the Democratic primary. You made my day.

I lent the Obama campaign a laser printer and some office chairs- I think it’s great to see so many people showing up and wanting to help. They have phone lists for people to work- just take your cell down to the Kettering tower if you want to get involved.

Thanks to Abby for letting me leave a box of my literature at the Obama HQ for anyone interested. It’s nice to see when Dems work to be inclusive instead of exclusive like the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

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