Some national attention would be nice…

Russ Finegold and the Progressive Patriots fund is looking for candidates. Although I won’t take any money from the group, I will take donations from their supporters, and would love for them to e-mail nationally about the free book– and to direct people to watch my campaign spots.

So, do your part- click on the link, and suggest yours truly. And think about giving some money- the match goes on until 9am on 6 Feb- dollar for dollar up to $2,000.

I need your help today in identifying strong progressive candidates that we should consider supporting this year.

Image from Progressive patriots e-mail showing Russ FeingoldSuggest a Candidate Today

In 2006, with your help, we contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to dozens of candidates in 40 different states, playing a major role in helping to elect Democratic majorities in Congress.

We have even more ambitious plans for 2008.  Of course our number one goal must be electing a Democrat to the White House this year.  But we must not forget the importance of supporting strong progressive candidates for the House, the Senate and other elective offices around the country.

To help make this happen, we will soon be launching another round of our successful “Pick a Progressive Patriot” events, where you vote and decide which candidates we should financially support.  But first we want to hear from you about who you feel should be a part of our efforts.

Suggest a Candidate Today

In past years, your suggestions have helped us identify dozens of strong progressive candidates that don’t always get the attention they deserve.  Your input and activism are what drive our organization and I appreciate your input.

Thank you.


Russ Feingold
United States Senator
Honorary Chair, Progressive Patriots Fund

When they take a look at this site- and compare it to Jane Mitakides and Charles W. Sanders sites- they’ll understand why this is the site of the progressive thinker.

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