Someone else gets it…

On my campaign postcard, I ask “If you’re tired of Congressmen investigating steroids in baseball, while CEO’s get milliond for bankrupting their companies and firing Americans (Enron, Countrywide) you do have a choice”

Ohio Dave at “Into My Own” sums up why things are hopeless with our current crop of Congressman, with Football taking the stage instead of baseball:

Into My Own: Laissez Faire Republicans (Unless it’s football or baseball)
Arlen Specter is against investigating corporations like Enron.

The departing chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee proposed legislation yesterday calling for a rollback of the tactics adopted by federal prosecutors to combat corporate wrongdoing after the Enron collapse.

The bill from Senator Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, is the latest challenge to the tactics, which have come under scrutiny from trade groups, former United States attorneys general and a prominent federal judge. Mr. Specter said he would reintroduce the bill next month when Congress convenes.

But he’s all FOR investigating whether the Patriots spied on the Rams 6 years ago.

Sen. Arlen Specter will meet face-to-face with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell before the middle of the month as part of the Pennsylvania Republican’s continuing investigation into the league’s handling of the New England Patriots’ Spygate investigation.

Government spying on US citizens? Ok. Football teams spying on each others’ practices? A TRAVESTY!

At least Arlen Specter has his priorities in order.

The NFL and MLB probably don’t give enough to Congressional races to make sure they enter the protected class of CEOs in this country- who can virtually get away with robbing the Wall Street Casino and shipping jobs overseas daily, while cooking the books– without fear of reprecussions.

Since I don’t accept money from corporations, Political Action Committees or Special Interest Groups, I can assure you I won’t stand quietly by while these kinds of travesties take place in our House of “Representatives.”

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