Is Turner Effect a slush fund for Mike Turner supporters?

Well, Tom Beyerlein of the Dayton Daily News called me today and asked some questions about the less than fabulous and über expensive “Get Midwest”/ “Be Midwest” campaign that you’ve read about here, on Dayton Most Metro on DaytonOS and even on the Dayton Daily News site.

What you’ll find out on Sunday when they run it- is that the campaign was awarded no-bid by the Dayton Development Coalition to Mike Turner’s wife’s firm the Turner Effect. Former DDC staffer Evan Scott made the decision on his own, based on the idea that Turner was the ONLY company qualified to do this kind of project. Having been in this business for 25 years, I can say that there are quite a few more places that are not only more qualified, but better qualified- with one of them, having been in business since before Lori Turner graduated from college. I have a list of ad agencies and graphic design firms in the area on my business site- “ad agencies that aren’t The Next Wave.”

Granted, the DDC isn’t a public company, but, it does receive government support, and for this to not go out to competitive bid reeks of cronyism.

When Tom told me the dollars spent so far, all I could say is “holy crap” and think about what trips to (insert exotic island destination of your choice) this campaign is funding for the people who’ve worked on it. Wait for the article.

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