Support change

Forget the DDN and Dem Party endorsements- I’ve got real people endorsing me.

I’m asking you to let me represent you in the “House of Representatives” of our Country. To me, the opportunity to serve the people in this role is almost sacred and the highest honor that you could give me. I’m not perfect (and I get told daily what is wrong with me to the point Read More

Some national attention would be nice…

Russ Finegold and the Progressive Patriots fund is looking for candidates. Although I won’t take any money from the group, I will take donations from their supporters, and would love for them to e-mail nationally about the free book– and to direct people to watch my campaign spots. So, do your part- click on the Read More

An endorsement by a small businessman who is politically active.

Gary Staiger is a survivor, he’s in the business of selling records, on North Main Street in the Santa Clara area. He’s also a Vietnam vet and politically active. It was nice to see his endorsement of my campaign on his blog, Left of Dayton: DAVID ESRATI FOR CONGRESS [OH-3] Here’s my endorsement in the Read More