The economic impact of our elections, and maybe we need to move them.

This year we’re seeing record amounts spent on elections. Some have projected upwards of $5 billion. Even if you live in a state that isn’t in play for the Presidential election, you are still watching record numbers of commercials for house seats and local elections.

Media companies are required to sell space and time at “political rates” which are supposed to be the lowest available rates. However, when everyone wants time, the rates go up. This means businesses that want to advertise, in the critical fourth quarter, where many retailers can do up-to 80% of their business, can’t afford media time, or the cost of media has gone up considerably.

With the economy in a slump, maybe the first thing we should consider is taking the constant barrage of :30 second mudslings off the air, and bundle them into a one hour show each night- so that the real business of America can continue. Or, move elections to the March- so that the media buys are in the first quarter, where they only have to compete with Valentines day and other Hallmark holidays.

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